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My First Pastrami Q View

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Well as of a couple weeks ago I had no idea what a Pastrami was, couldn't even spell (pastrami.) . I don't think I ever even tasted any.Guess I've lived a sheltered life out here in the sticks. I've had corned beef before and loved it. so after reading all the great threads on here and drooling over the Q's I figured I'd give it a go. 


This site and the people on this site  are the greatest. Look and you shall find. Ask and you shall get answers.  I now have had my first taste of the goodness !!.


Last week I bought a 3 lb CCB point and a 5 lb flat at Wally World for this venture. Here be da details.


Soaked the CCB's for 8 hrs in water. 5 water changes.


Rubbed heavy with a mix of course black pepper, Old Bay, garlic and onion power and the little packs of bird seed that came with the CCB's. I didn't have any EVOO to coat with so I just used cooking oil. Wrapped in plastic and refrigerated over night.


Into the smoker with cherry wood @ 230.


My plan was to smoke to 165. Foil, then pull @ 190- 2 or so. rest for a few a cooled then into the fridge overnight for slicing the next day.  Started raining so I had to finish in the oven after foiling.



(Point ) smoked to 165 @ 230.                      7 hrs.

Foiled,finished in oven@240, pulled @ 193    2hr.

                                                    total time  9 hrs.



(Flat.)   smoked to 165 @230                           9 hrs

Foiled,finished in oven @240. pulled @ 192      4 hrs

                                                     total time    13 hrs.   I didn't think this thing was ever gonna get done!!!!


I have no idea if mine turned out the way their suppose to, but all I know is IT WAS KICK A$$ GOOD! I'm amazed.


Thanks for all the help and for looking. Hope you enjoy the Q's as much as I am enjoying my newly found love for this stuff!!




Ready for the smoke



I thought they were close to foil time. Ya right, talk about a stall !!



while this point was resting in the cooler. I was looking and droolin over Alelover's pastrami Q's..I couldn't take it any longer. I broke down and violated this one with a dull knife for a couple quick sammys. My first taste!!  WOW



The sammys were just there a minute ago?




The point sliced up this morning.



The flat this morning after chillin overnight. It goin in the freezer.





















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I'm warming up the truck as we speak to head to the store and pick up some corned beef that is on sale. I'm going to fill the freezer up.

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Looks good to me. Way to go jumping into the unknown with both feet. If that doesn't inspire people to make there own pastrami I don't know what will.

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Great job there Mike! Now you know you will never be able to buy a corned beef or pastrami sandwich again, now that you have tasted the real deal!

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Hmmmm, may to go get one of these myself and freeze it. With St. Patricks Day tomorrow CB is everywhere....I expect a big sell off on Friday to get rid of them

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Wow! Those came out super nice!!  LOVE doing pastrami - I was going to stock up today, but I like Willie's strategy, too.  hmm. better get some more Guiness, too.

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Al I agree with you once you have the real stuff it's hard pay for a sandwich. Great job Mike nice Q-view.

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Hey Barbie, I'm with you Guiness & pastrami. Yea it doesn't get any better than that, except for some slaw to go with it!

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so many pastrami threads, all of them looking amazing.

I admire your willingness to jump in head first, and the results look incredible, I nearly took a bite outta the monitor at that first slice pic!


is 0525 PST too early for a ruben?


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Great job - very nice looking pastrami and I am heading to the store for some today

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Great Looking Pastrami...

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Man that looks great nice job

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Beautiful Job, Mike!


Nice run-down on the times too!


Your sammies look a little light on the meat and bread, etc.





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