help needed RE fitting temp controller to a uds

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  1. i want to make up and fit a temperature control device to my uds. i am not working at the moment so funds are was my birthday the other day and i was bought a maverick ET-732 thermometer unit as a present and very nice it is too! but i want to fit a temperature control device (home made) to my uds .i need to know what cfm fan do i need to raise the temps but not so strong as to blow ash on my meat and where do i direct the air flow, straight at the coals or below the basket?. i know ideally i will need a pid temp controller but i do not have the money for one at the moment, so will i be able to use a traditional oven thermostat to switch the fan on and off i also understand that it would not be as accurate as a digital  but a thermostat should be able to keep the temps within acceptable ranges and i have one already that i was going to use in an electric smoker i intended to build but never go around to doing
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    Paul this is what i'm going to do when i build mine.   Just drill a 1" hole down toward the bottom of where the charcoal basket is and they have a universal adapter for one of these in this link.  It's plug and play and couldn't be easier.  I have the party q already which would work fine but  will get the digi Q eventually because the technology is better because it senses when you pull the lid while the party q doesn't.  It also has  a plug for the adapter when you're not using it.  These things are incredible...really easy to use, control it like a oven. Guru Controls Systems

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