Help....need advice about my "butt" - Now with Q-View

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by rippinntearin, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys, I started a 8 pound butt last night on my UDS at midnight. The temp of hte drum has been hovering around 225-250. Monitored the temp of the butt all through the night and it hit 160 degrees at about 6am this morning.  Since then the temp hasn't really moved and its now almost 11am.  About 11 hours later.  I know these big cuts will stall sometimes but how long does it usually take?  It has been stalled for about 5 hourse. I've decided not to foil because I'm trying to get some nice bark on this one. 

    Please help...I will be posting some q-view once finished as well.

    Thanks and Good Morning!
  2. Oh yeah, forgot to ask if I should foil to get past the stall?  I've never done pulled pork, I'm usually a big brisket and rib guy for my buddies on game day...thanks!
  3. davidhef88

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    If you want the bark don't foil it.  It should start moving up on you any time now.  The 8-9 pounders I cook usually have about a 5 hr. stall then start taking heat pretty quick.  dont forget the Q-VIEW.
  4. scooper

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    I did a big 'un Friday night. 8.5 or 9 lbs.  Not sure because it was a two pack weighing just over 18, and I trimmed a 1/4" off the fat cap.  It took 21 hours.  No foil, and great bark.  @ 10 hours it read 171, and I switched it to the oven so I could go to work.  It stalled for quite a while, but finished really nice.  I will post pics after I get some batteries for the cam.
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    Sometimes you do what you have to do to get it moving. You can foil, you can raise your temps or you can sit it out and it will eventually move. If you do foil, don't be afraid to raise you smoker temps, if time becomes a factor. I have done 8 lb butts in 9 1/2 hours. Usually take them up to 295 to 300º. It won't hurt them in the least.
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  6. smokinal

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    How's it doing now?
  7. alaskanbear

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    HMMM, dont think I will respond to this "advice about my butt", last time I did that was with the wife and just about got beat to death...LOLOL  She asked, does this dress make my butt look big?? to which I readily replied, no honey it sure dont.  Then added, but your butt makes the dress look over stuffed..  Never going there again... LMOAO

  8. billyj571

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    How did it turn out ?
  9. Hey Guys!  Sorry I didn't post these last night, but below is my Q-View.  It actually turned out great once I put it in a pan and foiled.  I added some apple juice, rum, and apple cider vinegar as well.  The bark actually turned out decent since I was pretty heavy handed with my rub.  My boys were stoked accept for yet....ANOTHER DOLPHINS LOSS!  0-4...UGH!  Enjoy!

  10. scooper

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    Looks great RippinNTearin!  Nice bark and pulled pork!

    Where are you in S FL?  I'm in Boca.
  11. Scooper, I'm a little bit further South in Deerfield Beach...close!  I knew I smelled pork the other night in the air...must have been you from your smoke!?!? [​IMG]

    Thanks for the compliment!
  12. bwsmith_2000

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         Glad it turned out good for you. The butt is one of my favorite comfort foods and makes any game a little better ..... even if the score is not in your favor. Just one piece of advise. Next time you do a butt, give it that really great taste by using some of SouthFloridaQer's finishing sauce. You'll find it as a sticky in the sauce forum. In my opinion, it really makes pulled pork.
  13. tom c

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    X2 that finishing sauce is great.
  14. Ya'll need to think about coming to the South Florida gathering on Nov. 4th thru the 6th on the west side of Lake Okeechobee at the Fish Eating Creek Outpost.

    It's gonna be a great weekend.
  15. I'll have to check that sauce out fellas...appreciate the advice!
  16. Rubbin Butts...I've seen the posts regarding the South Florida gathering and would love to attend, especially for a newb like myself to get some tips and pointers.  Unfortunately I've got a trip to Italy with my lady and will be gone during the event.  Hope you guys have a great time, good food, and delicious beer for me!
  17. scooper

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    Heck, we're practically neighbors.  [​IMG]
  18. oldschoolbbq

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    Rippin, your are supposed to have a big stall , that's where all the Love is soaking in to the meat,let 'er ride. Like they say , it's not the ride , it's the destination..............
  19. teeznuts

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    Nice butt! SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce is amazing.
  20. scooper

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    Yeah, what they said about his finishing sauce.  It gives a perfect balance to the finished product.  There is always a squirt bottle of it in the fridge door here.

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