Help me understand the need for a dedicated stuffer.

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  1. I made my first sausages Sunday, did bratwurst and cajons in 33-35mm hog casings and caseless breakfast sausage links. About 75 pounds in total. I was not overly pleased with the flavor or texture (using deer and pork) while. Looking for new ideas on here I see everyone saying how much difference a dedicated stuffer makes but not why. I plan to do large batches, 50 plus pounds at a time once I figure out a grind and seasonings I like. Just find it hard to justify the added equipment and cost as it would need to be operated by just one guy at a time so not seeing how a hand crank one would work too well
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    WHY?? Alot faster, I tried using my cabela's 3/4hp grinder and what a PITA it was, just frustrating, I got a 5lb lem and just did 20lbs of snack sticks the other day took me and my daughter under an hr to do 20lbs in 21MM casings. If I was doing 50lb batches I would go with a 15lb stuffer, you don't want that large of one if you decide to make snack sticks thou. 

    When you get one you will say to your self "Why didn't I get this sooner?" 

    Good luck 

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  3. So it just comes down to speed? I stuffed about 50 lbs into casing with my grinder in well under an hour. I just grab a hand full of mixed meat and drop it in the grinder. If I wanted it to go slower I put smaller handful, faster bigger hand full. And it's on a foot operated dead man switch so I'm hands free dont think a dedicated stuffer would get any faster. Thought it might change the texture or something.
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    Grinder looks great,it can grind and stuff.But you want to make better sausage,grind the meat,add spices cures or whatever.Mix it well let sit use a stuffer and you will be surprised 

  5. Thank you for the replies, I ground the meat, then mixed in spices let it sit in the fridge for several hours then stuffed with the grinder, just the auger and the stuffer plate with giant kidney shaped openings. Is the use of an auger changing the texture over a stuffer? I do want to make the best sausage I can, just don't want redundant use equipment when I'd rather spend it on meats, cures and spices.
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    You have a nice big grinder and set up. The biggest gain with a Stuffer would be, an easier time getting a consistant casing fill and no air pockets. You may have it nailed with the grinder on/off timing but they are notorious for letting small amounts of air into the casing. Not an issue with a stuffer. Grandpa used the same Enterprise horizontal table mounded hand grinder to grind and stuff a hundred pounds of Kielbasa and Italian Sausage once or twice a week, for decades. It can be done but a dedicated stuffer eliminates consistancy issues and does save some time. It is a Nice to have not a Got to have...JJ
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    Sausage is all about how long you can maintain cold meat. Grinding meat causes friction and heats the meat as well as, the combo unit. If you have a dedicated stuffer, you can keep one chilling while the other is being used. Or you can just grind tonight, and stuff tomorrow.

    Seriously this is what I started with:

    So I understand your handiwork. It came from my Grandmother to Pop and then to me. Its definitely a young man's appliance.

    I upgraded to an LEM stuffer and have been extremely happy I did. Course yours is powered, and if like my friends #22 he grinds bones....LOL

    Since mine wasn't powered I wanted power, My arms are not as powerful as they used to be and I hate the smell of Bengay in the morning. I upgraded!

    I am extremely happy now, when its cool enough here to smoke sausages that is.

    Temperature..... I can chill one while using the other. It makes grinding easier, as well as stuffing and I never worry about the fat break down.
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    I like your setup, I have been thinking about mounting a motor on my grain mill.

    LOL... I know the birds and chickens would enjoy the motor....LOL
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