HELP.. Ham Steaks question

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May 14, 2016
We're going to be butchering our first pig in a week or so and I've done a bunch of research..

But one thing I can't figure out is WHEN do we cut the hams into steaks?

We are going to "wet-cure" our hams using the brine in bucket technique..   then we'll smoke them.. 

I have a Hobart meat saw for cutting meat but I can't figure out at what point in the process we're supposed to use it to cut the hams into steaks..  Is it right after the ham comes out of the brine bucket?  or after we finish smoking the entire ham?

Should ham steaks be smoked as steaks or only as the ham-as-a-hole before actually cutting them into steaks?

Ham Steaks are cut from the center out of a finished Ham. Whole Ham, cured, Smoked to an IT af 145, chilled to firm, then cut in half and cut the the desired number and thickness steaks from each portion. The prettiest steaks with the most meat, plate coverage and small bone are the first cut or two. The continued cutting of the rest of the Ham halve yields perfectly edible but less desirable steaks that are smaller and have varying amounts of bone and gristle...JJ
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Thaaaaaaaaank YOU!!!!!!

I could not have asked for a better reply to tell me exactly what I needed to know.

You rock!
You are welcome, thanks for the point and congrats on the first Piggy...JJ
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