HELP!!!GOSM bad flame/huge ammount of creosote

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Nov 22, 2006
I posted a few weeks ago about a problem w/ my burner seemingly leaking some gas.  Now, the morning of one of my Christmas smokes, it gets worse.

Eberything seemed then same while I smoked my pork butts, but then this morning, the flame turned into a long aimless orange flame  In about 30minutes my turkey was covered in soot.  I could wipe it right off, so I pulled it and did that and transfered over to my weber charcoal with results still to be determined. The flame is long enough to go up the back of the smoker to the top of the water pan and seems to stay like that no matter the valve setting...

What is going on and how can I fix it?!?
Have you checked the venturi valve to see if its clogged?
Check your OPD Valve on the tank.

Turn the valve on the tank off and unhook your hose from the tank.

Make sure the valve for your burner is off and reconnect the hose to the tank.

Open the valve on the tank

open the valve on the burner and start it

If you open the OPD Valve while the valve to the burner is open, the OPD shuts down the gas.  Sometimes it's completely off and sometimes it's just a trickle of gas that comes thru. This happens to my grill all the time.

Try this and also make sure the orifice for the burner is clean.
Hmm, excessive gas flow, no doubt...

Possible causes would be a defective gas regulator which could be sticking with the internal valve at or near full open. Basically the the regulator valve can't back down the gas flow to run at normal pressure to the burner control valve, and this will cause a huge amount of propane to flow through the valve, even when set on low, as it has too much pressure going into the control valve.

I would suspect that the cause could very well be some dirt or other debris which may have gotten into the inlet of the regulator while uncoupled from the tank at some point in time. Then, it could be forced into the valve seat when coupled to the tank upon opening of the tank valve from the rush of gas from the tank which would occur at that point.

I'd say you better be hunting for a new low pressure regulator. If you can't get one from the manufacturer, try your local hardware store. I had a ruptured regulator diaphram on my small GOSM about 1-1/2 years ago, and found an acceptable replacement that way. It was a Mr Heater brand, likely for a forced air propane space heater, but it worked out fine to retrofit to my GOSM. You may need to bush up from the 1/4" inlet size of the regulator hose to a 3/8" size of the replacement regulator which is what I had to do, but the pressure rating is the same as what I had with the original, which is the most important.

Most replacement grill regulators will more than handle the small 13,500 BTU rating of the small GOSM burner, as grills are inb the 30K-50K range, and some are even higher.

Sux, man...been there...mid-smoke and find a SNAFU like that. At least you had a back-up smoker, so hopefully the bird will survive from the soot exposure.

Hope you didn't loose too much valuable time and internal heat of the bird so you can get through the danger zone OK.

Good luck!

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