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Original poster
Dec 12, 2005
Princess Anne, Md
Its been a few years since i had a place for a smokehouse, but now im in the planning stages to build a new one. i was tought to smoke by my father, who of course learned from his dad, ect, ect.... ad dont have much faith inthe electric or charcoal smokers.
so the new house will have a smokehouse.
in the past ive done the usual, porkchops, sausage, jerkey, fish, ribs, ect.
just thought id register to get some new ideas and maybe recipes.

Roger, Welcome to our Happy family. I too learned to smoke meats in a couple of smokehouses. Glad to see that you are wanting to continue in the Art of smoking.

As you read the Forums you will find that there is a wealth of information here. Any questions that you may have will have a pretty good chance of being answered by someone.

So when you feel comfortable, join in the discussions and share your favorite tips and tricks.
Greetings Roger,
I'd like to add my welcome to the others. I think you will enjoy this forum and hopefull learn a lot... I know that I have. By the way, if you're into smoke houses, you're probably no stranger the the thin blue smoke as Dutch calls it. If you don't mind, I'd reall appreciate your sharing the smoke house plans with us. I remember my grandfather had one but I don't know a lot more about it than that.

Fl. Bill
well im still in the planning stages, but as soon as i get something drawn up, i'll get it posted, it most likely wont be until after the holidays
Welcome aboard, Roger! You have hit upon the greatest place on the 'net for smoking. I take it you are far more adept at smoking than I am so I will look forward to your posts and to learning from your experiences!
Hey Roger and Welcome,

You'll love this place, I know I do. New smokehouse huh? That sounds great! I'd really be interested in those smokehouse plans myself if you'd be willing to share.

Thanks for Joining and I hope to be seeing a lot of posts from you.

Roger, Getting back into the swing of things smokingwise is like riding a bicycle-you never forget and once you get going, you'll remember thing that you thought you had forgotten. :D
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