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Hello from the Bayou


Joined Jul 7, 2016
Hello all and greetings from steamy Central Louisiana,

Let me start by saying how amazed I am at the expertise and willingness to share here on SMF.   I’ve been lurking a few weeks and I have already found a couple dozen recipes that I have to try…I didn’t even know fatties existed (!)   I am humbled to be even on the fringe of the party.

I am a forty something year old believer in post oak and hickory.   I have a Charbroil offset I bought at Wal Mart before they started making them out of tin foil.   It won’t die.   It came to me remarkably tuned…I can put 15 pounds of charcoal and wood on, clamp it down, and it will hold 225-240 for 12 hours.   Great brisket machine.  

Though I have been piddling with this smoker for 13 years or so, I really haven’t expanded my repertoire that much.   Most of my low and slow experience is brisket, spare ribs (4 & ups), brined chicken, pulled pork, ham steaks, and country style ribs.   I have also grilled sausage, ABTs, shrimp, brats and beer, lamb, and of course burgers and steaks.   I have some smokehouse experience with bacon and sausage, I have ground beef both in both big grinders and little food processors, and I've mixed beef with venison and pork for a change of pace.   I love to burn down a pile of wood and grill over the coals.

My “default” setting is Texas style:   salt, pepper, and post oak, though I love KC, Memphis, Carolina, and hickory.   Some of things I would like to try are fatties, pizza, prime rib, vegetables, fatties, some other regional styles, using red oak or mesquite coals in an indirect set up, and fatties.

I arrive here through my DIY disorder.   I would rather build something than buy it, and I don’t see a $3,000 / 1,200 lb Yoder in my immediate future.  The sun is setting on my old smoker’s time in this world and I was looking at the double barrel builds on the ‘net and ended up here.

Seriously, how can someone BBQ for as long as I have and not sense the hole created by the absence of fatties in my diet?   Thanks to SMF and y’all, my life can now be complete.  Okay, maybe I went too far.   Maybe.

I look forward to seeing you all around,

  • Jeffrey


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Welcome to the forum, Jeffrey.

Sounds like you will fit in real well around here.


papa t

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Joined Jan 12, 2016
Welcome to the site I think you really enjoyed here (you double poster lol) i have done the same thing lol.
Papa t Michigan

joe black

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Welcome from SC, Jeffrey. It's good to have you here.

gary s

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  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a hot day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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Joined Aug 13, 2015
Good to see you, Jeffrey! Sounds like you've been all the way 'round the block!
Welcome to the forum.


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Joined Jul 7, 2016
Thanks guys, I'm really excited to be on board. Got fatty v. 1.0 on the grill now, I'll be posting soon.



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Joined Apr 24, 2010
Welcome Jeffrey from your neighbor to the South of you. Lots of good info and everyone is willing to help,just have to ask. Lots of members from our area also.


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Joined Jul 7, 2010
 Welcome from the Ozarks, Jeffrey. It's good to gain an enthusiastic member.


sundown farms

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Joined Apr 3, 2013
Looking forward to any "steamy Central Louisiana" twists with the Texas style you enjoy. I am in Houston and drove IH10/12 back here yesterday across LA and always enjoy the food.
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