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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by looshin, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Lucien (LOO-shen)  here. 

    I'm a mechanical engineer working in the aerospace industry living up my twenties in southern CA. I love grilling and of course eating; but recently started getting into smoking (food). I have never smoked anything before so I am just going to dive in head first and learn everything I can.

    To start, I have been looking into the Brinkmann Vertical Charcoal Smoker as my first purchase. Thoughts?

    Look forward to learning a ton from everyone here!
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    Hey Looshen,

    I started out w/ a brinkman vertical water smoker. its a good to use to dial in your recipes. If you feel like your really going to get into smoking meat I would pass on this and go for a Oklahoma Joe Longhorn or the cheaper Brinkman Trail Master. The reason I say this is once I bought the vert smoker I regretted spending the money on a small unit, you really cant fit a large brisket or even a rack of ribs w/o cutting them in half first. I also always had a hard time controlling the temp, even w/ the water pans.
  3. Hey Lucien, hello and welcome from East Texas. Think about how much and how many you will be smoking for and budget, that should help in your decision . I started on an el-cheap-o-brinkman, smoked a lot of good stuff, but if you are cooking for for more than just a few look at something bigger. Some are easier, hold heat better, than others, the thin units with gaps require a lot more attention, but remember it's not the smoker, it's the one doing the smoking that turns out great BBQ. Whatever you decide, get to know your smoker.

    Gary S 
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    Thanks for the tips so far. Been reading, watching videos, and whatnot. I have a pretty small budget to work with to start, trying to stay under $100 for a smoker. But, as far as quantity/size goes, I am mainly cooking for myself and a guest or two, so not that much room is needed as of now. I like little projects so was looking into improvements I could make on the Brickmann Vertical since the price is pretty low up front
  5. Go with what fits the budget, You'll be turning out great BBQ in no time on whatever you get. Need any help just ask. One thing the temp gauges on those units are notorious for being inaccurate Might invest in a little better gauge.

    Gary S

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