Hello from Ottawa!

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Well I've been lucky to spend some time in Az over the past few years and that's where my Kamado is (I know I know it's not a smoker but hey, do what you can with what you got). Seeing as how things aren't looking up just yet, a new one is headed for our northern home. Looking foward to some lump charcoal fires!

Greetings Ottawa! Smith's falls way or Petawawa way?
Never been to either sadly...although I'll bet I've been through there...

What do you guys like to smoke best? (meat that is...grin) Actually I'll throw grill in there too.
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Ribs would probably be my favorite, especially beef ribs. But, pretty much anything, fatties, briskets, turkey, chickens. I like to switch it up.
And, a Kamado is a pretty capable smoker!
I just got one late last year, and did NONE since February so I'm still REALLY new at this but yeah, I've had great success with pork ribs and chickens....beef ribs are definitely a want, and soon. My new KJII should be here in a week or so.

I introduced my wife to the concept of fatties a little while ago. To my surprise she said she thinks it looks great so I gotta come up with a ham and cheese kind of fattie. I do have to pace it though, she tires of smoke pretty easily.
Ha, my wife was the same when I first started smoking food. Now, its usually her idea to make something on the smoker before mine!
We've had some colder weather out west and I see it's moved east. You guys fire up the charcoal or not? I did some GREAT 6 hour ribs last week!
Welcome Smoken Mirrors! What are you smoking with?
Chickenwings- I smoke all winter. My offset takes more to keep temps up in this, but my ugly drum runs no problem, so I use it more this time of year.
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