Hello fellow Carolinians

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cherokee pit

Original poster
Sep 13, 2011
South Carolina
just wanted to say hello to everyone, I`m in the upstate area, travel often back n forth to Charleston and Myrtle Beach area`s,   back home I compete in KCBS and SCBA  events, when time and money allows lol

I enjoy the site very much, have gotten a lot of useful info from here, have a great day, Mark
Hi Cherokee, and welcome !  The group is just getting rolling, so feel free to post any SC related info that you want. I'm in MB now, but used to spend a lot of time in the upstate when I lived in NC.
Hi Cherokee Pit!

I'm excited to learn more about your state, (am moving there before the next winter), and so glad this group started! Welcome indeed!

That's a hell of a machine you've got there in your avatar photo! Very fun!!!

Cheers! - Leah
Thank you MTM and Leah!!!  Leah you will love the Charleston area, the beautiful old southern downtown,  the marsh inlets with all the fresh fish coming in daily, the beaches, isle of palms and so many more, I`m going down in 2 weeks to pick up some fresh fish and enjoy the cuisine while there, will talk soon

Regards, Mark
Oh Mark, (Wow everyone in SC is Mark)! But that keeps it easy!!!

But I would love to hear what fish you procure!

I eat a great deal of fish, and seafood and then mollusks - from octopus, snails, conch, cuttlefish, mussels, oysters and beyond - to exotic game meats (ostrich, elk, kangaroo, wild boar, and so forth) and wondered how easy it will or will not be to buy such things in that general area.

Kindly educate me on such, and/or as to whether I'll need to order things online more, and switch my palate to some different things too.

As for basic fish to grill and smoke - Cobia being my favorite, Bluefish a second, "Pumpkin Swordfish" where the fish have eaten shrimp and thus turned bright orange being a third, I love ALL fish! There isn't a fish I DON'T like though find sole boring. I'll eat it mind you! But don't want to really go buy it.

So I would love to know what fish are readily available down there! Maybe I'll get to try some fish I've never even heard of!!!! How fun!!!

OH, and also about getting my oyster intake weekly! (I eat oysters and snails, each at least once a week). The snails are canned and so i can find that in a major grocery store. But oysters??? That part is important to me!!!!

Thanks for any info!!!

Cheers and have a fabulous trip!!! - Leah
Leah hi!  oysters you will have plenty there, south Carolina has local(cluster oysters) they grow together in clusters, small and sweet/salty. fabulous!!!  oh so many diferent fish off the coast, tons of shrimp coming in on shrimp boats,  Grouper,red snapper,mackeral,sea bass, flounder  so many to choose from there the list goes on. as far as the game meats, im sure Charleston has someone there with some, I can try and find out alittle more on that.

Regards, Mark
Oh Mark, you gave me hope!!

That whole bevy sounds delicious, and I was so scared, (thinking that if I didn't eat the old Paula Deen original way), that I would never make it in the south.

Now I have hope!

And yes, I'd love learning of any fish, oyster, and exotic red game meat contacts in that area at all!

Thank you tons!

You and another "Mark" are indeed helping me get excited about the South, along with some others chiming in at times too!

Such a great resource this is! How grateful am I!

Cheers! - Leah
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