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smokeys dad

Original poster
Jan 14, 2007
Chickasha, Oklahoma
I've had a few Brinkman Bullets over the years, but newer had 10 + Hours to sit and tend the ever-changing temperature, and in Oklahoma, the weather sometimes has problems keeping steady as well.

At work, Some guys went together on a small "Bradley Smoker" It is electric, small, but digitally controlled. The small (hockey puck sized) wood blocks are expensive as well.

I work for OG+E, it's an Electric Utility here in Oklahoma.
I'm a Instrumentation & Control Spe******t and I mainly do Process Engineering for one of their Natural Gas Plants.

Everything from specifying and installing the wiring for the Control Valves, power supplies, communication cable, and probes to writting the Control Programs and Graphics interface for the Plant operators.

Well, I figured I could biuld a really cool smoker at LEAST as good as the Bradley.

I'm at a hotel, snowed in, using the only availabe computer, so I'm getting off for now..

Smokeys Dad
Welcome Smokeys Dad. I too am new to this forum. Just signed up.

I am a former Okie. Paid plenty of my money to OG&E. I worked the natural gas industry for years and have worked with some of your counter parts at Enogex as well. I am in Naples FL still in the Gas Industry working for ABB Totalflow based in Bartlesville. I am glad I am in 80 degree weather and not where you are. I was in Bartlesville in December when they got 13" of snow and was stranded at a hotel also. I feel your pain!

On the smoking side, I have a Big Green Egg, use natural charcoal and different woods. I am loving it and the meat is awesome. I have been learning a lot from this sight and the post as well as Jeff's web site Smoking-Meat.com It is from guidence from these folks that I am having great success smoking where as before it was just marginal.

Stay warm and keep smokin!

Mark 8)
Welcome Smokeys Dad-

Sorry to here you got caught in the weather out there. I expect we'll see it tomorrow so I'm fighting to control the temperatures on my ECB right now. Gotta add a few chucks of charcol every 15 minutes to matain temperature. Sure is eatting the charcol today!

Stay warm and keep smoking!
Glad to have you hear, if you are an instrumentation guy you should be able to come up with a decent temp control system, That is what I ended up doing, the enclosure is an old refrigerator and the controls are a pid controller with a dual element hot plate.
Welcome to SMF, Smokeys Dad. Always glad to have another member from Oaklahoma in our ranks. Enjoy the forums!!
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