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Hello and Welcome to this group.

Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by kc5tpy, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Hello.  WELCOME TO THE GROUP!  As the first post  I'd like to give you some info about myself.  I am originally from south Texas but have been living in the U.K. for almost 14 years now.  I have been grilling and smoking for almost 40 yrs..  I don't want you to think I know it all, far from it. I learn with each smoke.  If you have any questions please post the question so that all the members can offer advice and feel free to send me a PM.  If I don't know, I will do whatever I can to get you an answer; we will learn together.  We are soon going to have everyone in the U.K. smoking.  Keep Smokin!

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  2. Hi Danny and congratulations on the new group.  Sounds great.

  3. Hi Danny, Thanks for the invite to the group.

    So here Iam, all new to the art, and eager to learn.

    As soon as I do something worthy of a mention. I'll post it up for all to see, good or bad, if you don't make mistakes, you don't get experience.
  4. jockaneezer

    jockaneezer Meat Mopper

    Subscribed to the group Danny and when I called at my local butchers this morning, for the first time ever, they had beef short ribs, it's an omen [​IMG]

    Just need to get the RF finished now tho I may try some in the oven next weekend.
  5. markuk

    markuk Smoking Fanatic

    Hi there

    I'm Mark from Suffolk I've been smoking this year and would not have had the level of success if it wasnt for this forum
     I got into "southern food" after visiting the Deep south last year ..have tackled so far Ribs and Pulled Pork however do to time restraints I tend to only use the smoker for 3 hours of smoking Pork then in oven and have used the 3-2-1 method for ribs with great results.. please see a few photos of this years efforts and happy "customers" [​IMG]

    thanks for setting up this Group - I've not been getting post notifiactions since joining but have now "subscribed" which assume will mean I will get an email when someone posts.

  6. jockaneezer

    jockaneezer Meat Mopper

    Hi Mark, that's an interesting looking smoker, do you have any details on it ? The results look tasty enough.

  7. markuk

    markuk Smoking Fanatic


    I got it from my local garden Centre near Ipswich

    I've used for Pizza making and bread making although it did crack the supplied Pizza Stone it came with when I got it to 400 C !!! I've now got some old 1950's tiles as a heat protector when doiing Pizzas - here'smy first go at Pizza Cooking year before last came out okay before I started getting silly with the temperature !

    Found it pretty good for smoking but as I stated in my post I tend to only smoke for the first 3 hours with pulled pork as I really can't justify feeding a hungry smoker with overpriced BBQ coals that we have to pay in the UK when i have a a perfectly good cooker indoors.  Smoking for the 3 hours does give a great crust which IMHO is enough (unless you are a real purerist) and then in the cooker which I'm happier with safety wise.  I get the Int Temp up to 90C using a meat Therm and tend to set oven for around 170/180 to achieve this.  It seems sometimes a lower temp is suggested by then you are cooking for 15 hours which I think is a little excessive :)

    It then after around 5 hours in oven it falls apart which is great !

    Good luck
  8. Hello Mark.  I gotta say I like your smoker.  I like it because of a couple reasons.  You freely admit it will not do a 15 hour smoke and you seem not to be interested in investing that kind of time for a meal.  Second;  you have learned to achieve the results you are looking for using a "pizza oven" and in a time frame you are happy with.  THAT!!!!! is the real "secret" IMHO.  No matter the method, the time, the smoker, chanting, praying to the smoking Gods or waiting for the stars to align.  Find what you and your family like and STICK WITH IT!  Experimentation now and then is fun and a worthwhile endeavour but,  when it comes down to providing a great meal for family and friends; go with your strong favourites. Those things you could make in your sleep. If it ain't broke....  Have fun   Keep Smokin!

  9. markuk

    markuk Smoking Fanatic

    Well it works for me :)

    Also it makes a great Log burner to sit around in on a cooler evening as you can pack it full of bits and pieces and it gets really hot !!   Mind you didnt use it much this summer as it was pretty warm
  10. Now com'on Mark.  That's not the way.  Fire that dude up no matter the weather. [​IMG]   When I lived in south Tx. if I waited for a cool evening I would have smoked about as often as can be done if you wait for a REALLY hot sunny day in the U.K.. [​IMG]   The neighbours now know when there is snow on the ground and they THINK they smell BBQ; it's just the crazy yank at it again. [​IMG]   He can't help it.  He's a yank you know.  Keep Smokin!

  11. hi guys

    how nice it is to have a uk based group to the SMF

    i built my ugly drum smoker during the winter 2012-2013 and i have been using it since april

    i have smoked pulled pork,chicken,ribs and fatties of various meats and fillings,i am yet to do brisket as it is a very expensive cut to buy here and i believe it does not have the fat marbling as the briskets available in the us. our cattle here have been bread to give leaner meat and the people i have met who compete here in the uk find it a difficult meat to get right

    i have been looking into the bbq competition circuit in the uk and there seems to be two organisations running comps, the british barbecue society (based in southern england), and a uk based arm of the kcbs which seems to be based  in the midlands ,i intend to compete in one or two competitions next year but unlike most of the teams i have seen competing i want to do it with home made smokers, rubs and sauces i have also developed my own home made pid temperature controller, which i used on the long cooks i have done and it worked well keeping the temperature stable for more than 12 hours ,i will be busy this winter as i am gathering bits and pieces to build another uds ,i am also looking for other like minded people who may wish to make up a bbq team with me ,but i am looking at the social aspect of competing as i know most of the teams are restaurant based and i am unable to throw money into competing like they can but i am hoping to maybe show that you do not have to spend a fortune on smokers and stuff to turn out good bbq food 
  12. clipol

    clipol Newbie

    Hi Danny,

    Many thanks for inviting me to this group.

  13. markuk

    markuk Smoking Fanatic

    .... Danny must clarify that i meant using the smoker as a patio heater this summer wasn't needed much - was used many times for Smokin :)

    Smoker Paul - would be intertested in your temp control device :)
  14. Hello Mark.  I am a bit confused.  But I confuse easily.  An Age thing.  I understand about the patio heater.  Who is Smoker Paul ( I will search and you know I will help if I can ).  Temp control device?  I don't even own a meat therm.  THE FOLLOWING IS NOT FOR NEW FOLKS.  I grew up with Granddad, and Dad smokin meat.  Back in the day you didn't have fancy therms and such.  I learned to control heat by putting my hand in the cooking chamber and then putting my hands on the steel outside of the cooking chamber.  I learned this over 40 years .  We didn't have the digital stuff  This isn't a see how good I am.  This is to describe the background I learned from.  I repeat again, we didn't have the fancy stuff.  If you didn't grow up learning from the old timers then you have to do things differently.  I ALWAYS recommend a dual probe digital meat therm for all folks who are starting to smoke meat.  Keep Smokin!

  15. hi danny

    just to clarify a little i am a retired catering equipment engineer and i made a temperature controller to keep my ugly drum at a stable temperature without having to tend it all the time (overnight cooks) basically it has a probe in the smoker and when the smoker needs to get hotter it blows air with a fan to fire up the coals when the set temperature is reached the fan stops and the coals cool slightly that is it nothing too special just something i had seen readily available in the states and made my own version here is a picture of it i just connect it onto the ball valve on my uds and it does the rest made from a temperature controller i got on ebay from china for £12 and a computer fan £2 a couple of switches and a food container from the pound shop and some 22mm copper pipe from b&q 

    it works on a car battery or a cigarette lighter socket in the car

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  16. Hello Paul.  With it now.  Great lookin controller.  Some good ideas there to pass on.  Have a read through my brisket post.  Hello clipol, and welcome.  Keep 'um comin guys and Keep Smokin!

  17. smokencure

    smokencure Newbie

    Hi FC5TPY, ( Danny )

    Great idea UK Smokers, looking forward to information sharing, it will be very helpful,

    Keep Smoking UK

    Good luck...Tony
  18. markuk

    markuk Smoking Fanatic

    Looks a very clever idea for tending the smoker so you don't have to watch it all the while
  19. hi mark

    its not my idea i am just making my own version of what is commercially available (bbq guru etc) they are quite reasonably priced if you live in the states but add shipping and taxes etc they are not so cheap !!! but what you see is a prototype and i will be re-modifying it into a dual controller and 2 separate fans to run 2 smokers as UDS number 2 is on its way to debut spring 2014 lol

    but if you need any help if you wish to build one yourself just ask
  20. mrs tweedy

    mrs tweedy Newbie

    Thanks for inviting me to join this forum.

    I am fairly new to smoking and could do with tips and recommendations on the best smokers to use that are available in the UK.

    I am looking forward to browsing this forum for tips and  hints.