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Jan 12, 2006
Let me start by saying that I have been a grill fanatic for years. The wife and father-in-law thought they were just buying me a newer, larger grill (from Kingsford to Chargriller Smokin' Pro) - they are city folk and had no idea about smoking...

Our 1st 2 outings (Father's Day & 4th of July since they were so close together last year) totalled nearly 100 pounds of smoked yummies. Lamb, chicken, beef (ribs & ribeye) and pork - and desserts on the old Kingsford before it completely retired.

Christmas eve was 2 5-lb pork shoulders and a 16-lb turkey. I'd never done a turkey before and the brining & smoking tips I scored here (and on BarbecueBible.com) made it a smashing success and I am, apparently, on the hook for that 30-hour process every holiday from now on..

I got the rotisserie for my CG/SFB for Christmas along with a new digital camera/video to better document my BBQin'/Smokin' - next up: either a whole brisket or prime rib (on that new rotisserie..).

I'm looking forward to picking your brains and helping others avoid the mistakes I've made - and there have been some good ones..

Howdy over here too Chitown_BBQ !

Lots of good ole home smokin' going on around here. Glad you joined us. 8)
Welcome aboard!!! There's a lot to learn on this forum and some really friendly folk to help. You've found the best site on the web. Please keep us posted on future endeavors and if pix are available, don't hesitate to post them as well.

Again, Welcome!!
Hello Chitown.
Your intro discription "A little intro from a grill-crazy new member!" kind a threw me for a minute as I was reading the small print without my glasses on. I read it as "A little intro from a girl-crazy new member!"] :shock: :D

Anyhoo, Welcome to the Smoking Meat Forums. I'm glad you where able to put our tips to good use and that you decided to join our merry band of smokers (foods that is :mrgreen: ) I know what you mean by being on the hook for good food- I did a couple of smoked turkeys for T-day and now my oldest daughter wants one for her birthday dinner. :roll:
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