Head spinning like a turkey without a head :) - Brine/Temp suggestions...please!

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Personally that big of a bird I would spatchcock after brining. Can brine your bird if partially frozen yet, will help thaw. Higher temps as suggested.
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At 300, I'd guess 4 hours to get to 160ish?
That sounds right if your smoker hits and holds 300F.

I set mine to 325F and sometimes on bigger turkeys it gets to around 300F and cannot get 325F because of all the moisture and coldness of the turkey and whatever else is going on (havent figured it all out as to why this only happens with big brined turkeys) but still finishes in the 4hr ball park.
One more question....I have a food-safe bag that I'll use in my 5-gallon bucket to brine. I was going to put it out tonight (Thursday 11 PM) to finish thawing and brine. The temps will be about 34 degrees overnight.

Even if I just keep it in the fridge, If I start that tonight but not actually starting the cook until the afternoon on Sunday, is 36 hours going to be too long? And if it is too long, should I just take it out of the brine, wrap it up and keep in the fridge until ready?

Thanks again all1
36 hours in brine bucket, spatchcocked,3.5 hours @ 325 and yum!!!

Thanks to all for the advice and Happy New Year!!!


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36 hours in brine bucket, spatchcocked,3.5 hours @ 325 and yum!!!

Thanks to all for the advice and Happy New Year!!!
That looks great, nice work!

Pretty simple to just brine and smoke hot aye? Now you know the magic of such a simple approach :D
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