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  1. H

    How to use Rice Koji in this rib wet-brine?

    I'm wanting to make this for my family and it calls for "70 grams koji" for 3L of water. You're wet brining the ribs with it overnight. Would I be using the dry grains? Or when it's fermented into the shio paste? Thanks!
  2. netspyder

    this weekend's brisket

    calling all brisket gurus -- so, i'm doing 2 briskets this weekend - they're thawing in the fridge as i type this. thinking about dry brining them before the cook. have questions, though... like... do i dry brine with just salt then add my rub spices (maybe with a binder) just before putting...
  3. GrumpyGriller

    Head spinning like a turkey without a head :) - Brine/Temp suggestions...please!

    I have an 18 lb. Butterball turkey that is thawing out in my fridge since yesterday (12/26). The plan is to make this as part of the NYE festivities, and reading around, I've seen dry brine, wet brine, low-temp smoke (225), high temp smoke (325) and some combos of both. At the moment, I am...
  4. theswimmingpig

    Brine injector for sale

    Günther PP3 brine injector for sale w/ three prong needle assembly and extra o-rings. This machine is 3 phase.
  5. Daba's BBQ

    Weekend Chicken & Ribs

    I decided to try two new recipes for my chicken and ribs cook. For the chicken, I used Big Mo Cason's rub and then created two new sauces from scratch. For the chicken, I used an apricot sauce and for the ribs, I used a sauce with Gulden's mustard. I used a homemade rub on the ribs and cooked...
  6. kgb1

    Question on adding Bourbon flavor to smoked bacon

    I use Pop's curing brine for wet curing my pork belly (for 9 days) before smoking. I would like to try to introduce bourbon into the overall process for the added flavor. So I have a few questions: Which is the best approach: Adding bourbon to the brine during curing, or adding after curing...
  7. G

    Too much Curing Salt?

    So, 1st time trying and I may have read too many recipes. I have a 12lb brisket. Made the brine with a little over a gallon of water and used like 8 teaspoons of pink curing salt. Realized about 3 hours later, meat already soaking, that it may be too much. Emptied it and started over using 2 1/2...
  8. W

    Achieving 3% Brine, equalibrium method, immersed brisket, corned beef

    I want to cure meat, such as a brisket, for corned beef. I want to achieve a NaCl solution using equalibrium brining (meat fully immersed in the brine). I would like to assume the meat is 70% water and include that in the water calculation. But maybe I'll stop doing that. A 10 pound brisket =...
  9. M

    Brisket Brined for PASTRAMI Question

    Hi All .... Here's the deal .... New NEW Newbie on here ... So am learning how this all works. From Northern Canada ... I've been smoking for about 5 yrs now - Started with a little Bradley Kettle Smoker - Then onto an Oklahoma Joe and Bradley 6 rack digital. I use both the latest ones now...
  10. C

    Should I brine? cookbook? recipes?

    This will be my first time smoking turkey (and only my second time smoking ever). I don't know a reliable site or cookbook for smoking turkey, or smoking in general. Do you all recommend brining turkey or not? Either way, please share how you would recommend to smoke turkey and a good cookbook...
  11. R

    Fresh Ham Question

    im looking for ideas what to do with a ham i just got. if it a full ham right now. Thought i might brine it "never done it before" use one portion to smoke and one to slice? any ideas on what be good. the ham seems to be the least favorite cut. thanks Robb
  12. C

    Featured Need info on brine and/or nitrate brine for saltwater smoked fish

    Hello.. Merry Christmas to all.. looking for brine and/or nitrate brine recipe for smoking fish. Also once brined, smoked and containerized, what is it’s shelf life under refrigeration?
  13. xray

    Spicy Bloody Mary Pickled Eggs

    The other day @Steve H posted a brine recipe using v8. I wondered if a Bloody Mary style brine could be made using his idea as inspiration. Here is what I came up with: Bloody Mary Brine: 1.5c White vinegar 1c Spicy V8 2T Prepared horseradish 1.5T Celery seed 1T Worcestershire...
  14. pigsmoke

    Whole Chicken Brine

    Hey all, I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here, but I have a question regarding whole chickens and brining them. I'm planning on smoking two spatchcocked chickens this coming Sunday and I was wondering; Is it 100% necessary to brine these birds first? If I don't, what are the potential...
  15. R

    Brining time question

    Hi I have a boneless fresh half of pork leg that invoked out and I’m brining it for Easter. I used pops brine and it said 3-4 weeks but after re reading it, it said for whole hams, I was curious as is this is too long and if it is how long should I bribe it? I also injected it rather thoroughly.
  16. endo129

    Is It Safe (Would you eat it)?

    Merry Christmas everyone! Just looking for a little advice if anyone is trolling these pages on Christmas. I'm worried that I should just toss my Christmas ham but there are many variables so I want to get some advice. I'm not sure how this went terribly wrong. Had a recipe from a world class...
  17. saltysandman

    always brine?

    I assume the brine is to prevent the growth of pathogens, right? is it possible to smoke fish, fresh off boat without wet or dry brining? i want to make my smoked fish dip for a party later but don't have time to brine. any suggestions?
  18. Preacher Man

    Brined Injected SmoFried Turkey for T-Day

    For Thanksgiving this year I'm brining a turkey for almost 48 hours, injecting it, smoking it, then deep-frying it. Here it is in the brine.
  19. C

    Advice - 16 lbs Turkey in Masterbuilt Electric

    Hi all - New to the forums - looks like a great resource! I recently got a Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker (replacing a previous one I had that was not taken care of properly), and I'm familiar with smoking at a basic level. I've done ribs, chicken, and Turkey before, but not a 16 lbs one. I...
  20. Erikhawk

    First Pastrami in a WHILE

    So I'll be starting my brine tonight for my first pastrami in probably 10 years. I'm planning on separating the point and flat because I only have about 7-8 days to cure plus I have limited storage space for a packet in my fridge all week (my wife would kill me). I'd love to hear any...