Head cheese fun...

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Oct 12, 2017
Kitchener, Ontario...
Sorry guys for missing out to make pics of head cheese making and stuffing... 2 grandkids, wife "honey do list" and cooking pork head and hocks.. no time between: "grandpa, we need you"...!
Anyhow... Grandkids safely tucked back to their mom, wife watching some girly tv thing and I am out smoking my precious head cheese... Hard time to keep temp below 24 deg C... 23 hrs to go...
Front peace is missing...my bad..... It just happened some red onion and freshly baked bread was, out of blue, available... Couldn't resist...
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Man... This thing is gonna give me hearth attack... Close to 24 deg C... Pack of ice already in to keep it cool... Luckily, healthy dose of home made Bosnian pear moonshine at hand... It's gunna be looong night...lol
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Da wow!
I was expecting my grandmother's version of boiling out a full pig head to extract the fat and meat for stuffing. I don't remember what casing she stuffed. Appears a stomach
Good choice slicing up for the smoke.
That looks great! It appears more Dense than the average chunks of meat separated by Gelaitn. Would you provide a detailed recipe? THANKS...JJ
looks good, it's been a long time since i had head cheese, definitely looks different than the store bought, how is the moonshine, i don't think ya drank to much of it your still typing straight :emoji_laughing:
Ooooohhh, dat look good! Haven’t had good head cheese in a long time! And dat look really good!
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