Hawthorn or thornberry wood for smoking

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  1. Neighbor had a good sized tree blow over into my yard, and I ended up with a whole mess of what he calls "thornberry" wood.  Primarily was going to burn for bonfires on the beach, but wondering if it has any smoking applications.  Looked it up and it also is called hawthorn, but can't find any definitive recommendations on it.  Cross-section reminded me very much of mesquite's color when you look at the end of a log.  Thoughts??
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    I found a herbal page that claims it cures everything from headaches to hemorrhoids, but nothing about smoking. I think if it were me I'd leave it for the bonfire.
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    From Wikipedia....

    Side effects

    Overdose can cause cardiac arrhythmia and dangerously low blood pressure. Milder side effects include nausea and sedation.[19] Patients taking digoxin should avoid taking hawthorn.

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