Has anyone tried Asmoke wood pellets?

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I've never heard of them before your post and a quick google search didn't reveal much. if you're using them in the ASmoke grills etc that's one thing.. especially if it came with the unit.

If yo're looking at using the pellets in another pellet smoker/grill just because you found the pellets cheaper or something.. please don't. Try and stick with a name brand of pellets so that you can be aware of what's in them and their quality etc. I personally use Pit Boss Competition Blend pellets but other opinions will vary.
So.. a little more research led me to this and I stand corrected - these pellets are NOT cheaper.

Original Price $34.99 - Amazon Price - $29.99/20# bag. That's $1.49 per pound.
Pit Boss Competition Blend $14.96/40# bag (at Walmart) - that's 37 cents per pound - the ASmoke Pellets are almost 4 times as expensive.

Here's the Amazon description:

Weight: 20.0 Pounds
  • We source our pellets from real fruit orchards. The apple trees are harvested, brought to our plant, and produced all in a few days to keep their freshness. By using only pure fruit wood, you’ll enjoy delectable, smoky-sweet flavors without the artificial taste.
  • No ARTIFICIAL Flavors or Wood Blends | We keep the Wood Pellets pure. No artificial flavors or mixing with other wood chips. The unique apple wood flavor is natural and makes for the perfect wood smoking pellets!
  • From The Orchard To Your Grill | The sustainably sourced trees are cut, chipped, and turned into Wood Pellets within days. Packed in tear-resistant bags to keep your wood pellets fresh—ready for when you use your Pellet Grill-Straight from the Orchard!
  • Light, Sweeter Smoke Flavor | A light, sweeter smoke flavor which blends deliciously with beef, lamb, chicken, vegetables, seafood, and desserts. Enhancing your favorite dishes with fantastic flavors has never been this easy!
  • Because Premium Quality Matters | From the cut of your wood pellets to prevent backlogging your Pellet Grill, to the taste sensation of the flavors, we only deliver products we’re proud of. Perfect for the ASMOKE Pellet Grill range
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