Happy Birthday, Markeli!

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Jul 17, 2005
Newark, Vermont
Happy Birthday, Brother Markeli! Many happy returns and welcome to the "Double Nickels" club!

Happy, Happy to you Mark! Hope your day is a special one and that the wife lets you do what ya dang well want too!! :D
thanks for all the good wishes. Shoulders are not to good they are talking about redoing both of them again I think I want to wait awhile and see what happens. Right now I feel I have had too much surgery in the last year ( 3 ). I just wish I could use my arms more It is a little tuff to use the smoker when you can't lift the butt or into yhe cooker.
sorry I didn't want to get on here and bitch and moan. Thanks again everyone

Mark Elieson

I did not realize you had such a problem with your shoulders. We are all here to pull for you. If you cannot smoke, no big deal. We treasure your input and are delighted with your presence!

Best of all to ya, Brother Mark and please, keep us posted. You are one of us and that does not expire! Sorry, but once in, never out! Bon Chance!

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