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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Well here they are fresh out of the smoker after 23 hours,hope they taste as good as they look.While I was at it I smoked a deer ham for a friend.Next weekend bacons and country cured hams.


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Mighty Good looking hames ya got there Dave.

I knew a gal that had hams that looked that good, her name was Sal. She made some might fine bacon too. Miss that ol' gal Sal-but I'm glad that I still don't have to feed her at 6:00 in the morning before catching the bus for school!
Very nice! Looks like you were cold smoking. What temperature did you smoke it at?

I did a couple hams this weekend but was cooking them to eat. Took about 14 hours at 225* to get them to 175* internal.
I put them in the smoker with no smoke at 120 deg for 8 hours with dampers wide open,then at 140 with smoke for 8 hours dampers half open,then at 165 with smoke for 8 hours dampers half open until internal temp hits 155 deg.This is a fully cooked ham.
dacdots thanks for explaining your process to me. I have not cooked ham like that and knew that you would have pulled pork cooking them that long the way I do it. I must repeat "Those hams sure look good!"
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