Grinding Sausage Twice

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Smoke Blower
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Dec 24, 2006
Catawissa MO
I have a small "Rival" (I think) grinder. It only has two disks, coarse and fine. I am having trouble grinding anything the second time. I even tried using the coarse disk for both grinds. I can't get the meat pushed into the grinder. We were filling brat casings and it would get very hard to feed. It is trapping air at the worm gear I suppose. When you push hard enough to get the meat moving it blows the casing up like a balloon.

What am I doing wrong? Has anyone else had this trouble?

Do you grind twice when making brats?


Try chilling the meat…semi-frozen, also ***** your casings if need be.
I've never tried refreezing after it has been ground once. I will try that.

I have made brats on several occasions with no problems. This was the first time I actually tried to grind it twice.

Father-in-law gave me an old manual grinder. I'm going to try it too.


With the prices of stuffers today you may want to consider one of those.

In regards to the grinding I have an electric grinder that came from Northern Tool for $100 and works great
as up in smoke said--re chill meats between grinds---
try not adding spice slurry/mixture until after second grind..

i grind every thing--that gets stuffed--2 times..

i spend most of my time about 20 miles from you--in st.clair
Hey Cheech I have been looking around at the stuffers. I ran by Harbor Freight the other day, but they didn't have any. I'll find one at a good price yet.

Larry, I graduated high school from St. Clair. and bought my 1st Harley Davidson in St. Ann - A long time ago...


hello hello mohntr

i got my slicer at harbor freight on watson rd right before thanksgiving..

usually 29--i got for 20 on sale..

i bought a old style piston 5 lb stuffer at cummins tool on the rock road in st ann-----20 bucks that was last year---

it takes 2 to operate that stuffer..1 working the feeding of meats----

...1 working the filling of casings...--u can load/fill--2 or 3lbs a minute..

if you cant find a stuffer ---you can borrow mine-----

i usually do small batches and my manual grinder has stuffing attachments..
i can work this one by my self ---but its a pain in the ___

also with brats--- i find that smaller than 1/4" is better--i have 3/16"also
For inexpensive stuffers check out Allied Kenco or Northern Tool I have seen them both there and they were certainly reasonably priced. If you do a fair amount of stuffing certainly worth the investment in my oppinion
You shouldn't be stuffing as you're grinding the meat. Grind twice then add and mix in your spices. Then just use the stuffing star and the bigger plate. Pack the meat in tight into the stuffer to eliminate any air.
Larry I went by the Cummins tools on Watson road, is there a Harbor Freight too? Anyway they were out of stuffers. I didn't get a chance to go by the one on the Rock Road but will soon.

Thanks for the chance to borrow your stuffer. I'm still looking but may take you up on the offer if I don't find what I want, and can afford by the time I"m ready to make my deer sausage.

Cheech I did see the one on Northern Tools Website. I hope to find one locally to save on the shipping. Is Allied a national company?

Brandx is it bad to grind a stuff at the same time? What size plate do you use for the 2nd grind? One other question... what is the stuffing star? Is that the horn? Thanks for the reply

Yeah it is Mohntr, that's why your getting all the air in the sausage. A stuffing star replaces the blade and it helps to keep the meat from mushing up against the plate, which I think is one of the problems you're having. When I grind I first run it through a 3/8 plate and the second time through a 1/8. I keep the meat at just above freezing when I'm grinding. Here's a web site you'll probably enjoy. All kinds of sausage making equip and the owner, Rick, is a friend of mine and I'm a regular customer. Aside from having one of the best assortments of suasage making supplies he is also one of the most knowledgeable people I know of on the subject of sausage making. If you look near the bottom of the page there is an address to email him if you have any questions about sausage making. He will get back to you. Tell him his buddy Joe from Henniker sent you to the site.

i visit this forum almost every day.
if you need to borrow the stuffer -
i wont miss it for a wk at a time.

post back to this thread---
send a personnel message here..

i should get it within a day..

also i will pm you my e-mail is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.