Grillpro smoker - lots of yellow flame?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by neilputt, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. neilputt

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    I just purchased a Grillpro propane smoker today. I'm worried something is wrong because the flame is very yellow, and it's having trouble heating up. There is some blue in the flame but not much. A picture is worth a thousand words so I recorded a quick video:

    It seems wrong but I'm not sure. Can someone confirm? If so, what could the problem be? It's brand new, I unpacked it and assembled it today, so I don't think there are any cleanliness problems.
  2. Did you double check venturi tube /orifice alignment. Even brand new i'd make sure tube was free of debris. Could also be reg saftey. Brand new tank?
  3. neilputt

    neilputt Newbie

    I'll take another look at the alignment. I'm not sure how it could be wrong - what am I looking for?

    I tried a different tank with the same results. I also tried resetting the regulator by unplugging it all for a few minutes.
  4. There should be trouble shooting guide in instructions for yellow flame saying "see venturi tube". Should see something like this. Seem similar to yours.
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    What Wimpy is trying to say about regulator safety is.... When you turn the valve on the tank on to fast, it will go into safety mode... what happens is... The safety valve detects that there is no back pressure, so it thinks that the gas line has broken or came off.... the safety valve will shut down to just very low pressure...

    Next time you turn the valve on, turn it on REAL SLOW, or just crack it open a little bit until the line pressurizes... once it pressurizes you can turn the valve all the way on...

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