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    This is my second cook on the grilldome.


    I haven't tried true low and slow yet, since I don't have the platesetter to keep radiant temps down. The first was a few pork chops. Pretty good, took me forever to get temps up until I figured things out. In the pic above, note the circular ceramic thing to the right. It's important as we'll see later.

    Here is cook number 2 from last night. Unfortunately, camera battery died, so I have no finished pics. Oh well.


    For those who were interested in the grilldome, here is a pic of it opened up. You can see the fire ring holding the grate up is cracked in 2 places, but it doesn't seem to effect the cook.


    Last night, I dumped all the charcoal in before I put the bottom grate in.
    This thing:


    Could not figure out why it was running so cold to save my life until I saw it laying on the ground. Crap crap crap.

    Got out some welding gloves, pulled the coals out and fixed things.

    It holds temps in the 300 to 350 degree range like a champ. It's pretty tight too, I checked this morning and I have most of my charcoal left over after closing the vents.

    Oh, yea, tasted great too, even if it wasn't true Q.

    I plan to get the plate setter soon, but I'm broke for a while (get to have wisdom teeth surgery next week, and it ain't cheap) so it will not be used for any long slow cooks for a while.

    I'll up a review for low and slow when I finally try that, but I can say for certain that it is great for high heat. I opened the vents all the way and that thing was at 600 degrees before my oven therm topped out. Not sure how much higher it got, but it had to be close to 800.

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