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  1. Hi to everyone.  I am a 68 yr. old male, married, 2 kids, 6 gandkids, and retired since 2002.  I enjoy all and any outdoor activities as I was raised on a farm.  My hobbies are barbershop singing and bird photography.  I would like to learn how to make bacon and how to smoke bacon and sausage to add to my hobbies.  I almost forgot, I am also a Cajun Humorist though since the wife got sick I have not had time to pursue that venue as she is not able to go with me and I can't leave her alone to do my Cajun Humor.  I hope to have meaningful interaction about meat smoking and curing with anyone on here.  Thanks for your time and effort you all put into this forum.
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    Welcome to SMF!

     You will find as much information here  as your brain can handle More than it can handle if you a Cooyon???

    Have had the pleasure of seeing many Cajun humorist  from Justin Wilson  to Kent Gonsoulin to Murray Conque..

      Helps that i live in Baton Rouge.  I have cured and cold smoked  bacon a few times. Made a few different sausages and make boudin blanc. Look around , ask questions  . we pride ourselves at SMF for trying to answer any questions you may have. You can also go to the top right of the page and pm me for questions.

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