Greetings from Buffalo, NY!

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Feb 26, 2023
Hey guys! I'm a 36 year old model maker for a large toy company, from Buffalo. I love to cook, especially BBQ. I got into smoking probably 4 years ago now and do a little bit of everything. Bacon, sausage, jerky, cheese, pizzas, and any meat I can get my hands on to smoke.

I prefer my stick burner but last year I broke down and bought myself a pellet grill. While it is far from the results of an offset, I do love being able to cook a brisket in my sleep lol.

Once I get some equipment upgrades for processing and such I hope to expand my skills. Always wanted to dabble in charcuterie, so maybe in the near future. Too many hobbies, gotta squeeze in the home projects, camping, and fishing as well as take time with my family.

Meat of choice - Brisket / plate ribs
Baby back ribs in 2nd
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Welcome from Mississippi! Lots of great folks here with a wealth of knowledge. Look forward to your post and pics. We really like pics here.

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