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I have seen that one before and I have them all in favs. Never have enough good recipes.
Hey Mark just think how much sausage you could make with that Camerons smoker I sent to you
I am going to try my hand at sausage making. I want to start by making some breakfast sausage stuffed into casings. Which casing should I use. any help would be appreciated.
Swiss-German Sausage Recipes

The Swiss sausage recipes at the abzspiez website have been around a long time, but they keep reorganizing the site and the recipes, so links to them are largely broken. The recipes used to be grouped by type (e.g., rohwurst, etc.); now, they are in alphabetical order. Be aware that there is something funky about the website, and sometimes, only a few of the recipes that are available under a given letter show up. If you refresh the page, more or fewer may show.

Here is the current link to the

ABZSpiez Swiss Sausage Recipes.

The site translates fairly well using Google Translate.
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German Sausage Recipes

Looking for other good sausage recipe sites to contribute, I found this German site in my bookmarks. The site offers an inexpensive CD that appears to contain more recipes, but this link is to the fair number of free recipes on the site. The site translates OK with Google Translate, but some of the measure abbreviations will have to be puzzled out.

Onkel Heinz's site

- tom
The free recipe collection from the Canadian eStore, Stuffers.

This collection of sausage recipes has been around for years, and is free. I think it may contain some from Jerry Predika's book, but many clearly are from other sources. The collection is no longer maintained, but it is still available. The funny thing about this particular collection is that there are people who periodically pop up on eBay selling this collection as a collection of recipes from their sainted aunt or grandmother or whoever, and sometimes they don't even bother to remove the references to the Stuffers website! Anyway, here's the collection and you don't even have to pay or it.

Stuffers Supply Company free sausage recipe collection

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