great day for some smokin

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  1. Great day so decided to do some smoking, got a split turkey half, two turkey legs  fillet of lake trout on cedar plank , a cabbage wrapped up Myron mixon way, and two sweet taters un wrapped cedar planked.

    Lake trout were brined in the following


    Brown sugar

    Ground mustard

    Garlic powder

    Onion powder

    Old bay

    Soy sauce

    Basil leaves

    Then coated with a brown sugar dehydrated maple rub

    Turkeys were injected with standard apple juice, salt and sugar mix, then rubbed down with olive oil and rubbed with apple wood rub from McCormick, really like this one.

    Sweet taters are roasting and will be injected with butter and roasted pecan maple syrup from my local Amish market.

    Hoping for great results will update at the end as to this is my first smoke to all these, however I've done salmon close to the trout recipe and came out great. Any tips would be nice
  2. bearcarver

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    Sounds like a busy Pennsy Boy to me!!!

    Too many things to give you much help. Easier to answer more specific questions.

    I got one question for you-----You're from South Central PA----Lake Trout come from Raystown Lake???

    Be Back !!


  3. Lake trout came from NY. Lol

    Sweet taters cabbage and fish came out awesome, sweet taters with roasted pecan is by far best I had yet, turkey still going I ended up panning it.

  4. few views while was cooking
  5. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Nice Job on everything!!![​IMG]

    Nice Trout too!![​IMG]

    My Son goes to Pulaski for Salmon & Huge Brown Trout too.

    Thanks for the Views!!

  6. The only downside was the cabbage not being Smokey, however I saw that coming a mile away with it being wrapped up the entire time, may need to try one partially unwrapped
  7. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Here's a good one from Bassman on "Smoked Cabbage".

    Be sure to read his answers later in the thread, such as "3 hours just sitting unwrapped in the foil first:

  8. So much beautiful food! Looks fantastic! Cheers! - Leah
  9. foamheart

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    That's a herd of food you got there, looks like a lot of smiles!

    I have not tried the cabbage but I have shish-a-bob smoked Brussel sprouts after a quick ride in the nuke-a-nator (microwave). They do absorb smoke quickly and over smoke and dry if not watched.
  10. Thanks, that seems about right for cabbage, it looks tasty too.

    I'm going to concoct something for it because I still don't like the browned leaves....

    Possible bacon weave and wrap up cabbage like a little bacon basketball
  11. foamheart

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    Ya know now that ya mentioned it,  seems like I have seen here somewhere, where someone cored a cabbage and stuffed it with sausage and then put it back together with bacon..... Hmmmmm

    I know I have seen onions done that way, but for some reason I think I saw cabbage also.

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