Grab a napkin...its Beef Dip time!

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Oct 18, 2017
Maplewood OH
It's been a while since I posted anything. Life's had me pretty busy lately...
I had a big craving for a beef dip sandwich so I figured I share.😁

Started out with some chuck cut in to stew meat and a giant French loaf

This was 3lb seasoned with some Montreal steak seasoning and a packet of onion soup mix. Then into the cast iron to sear the pieces all around and build some good flavor.

Once it's all nicely Brown it goes down into the instapot. All the bits of brown goodness in the cast iron gets deglazed with a 32 oz container of beef broth and then an additional onion soup mix packet mixed in. Pour over the beef and set the pressure cook for 1 hour with a natural release.

while that's doing its thing I get the bread ready. I used about a third of the loaf which is about a foot long. Buttered both sides and toasted it under the broiler.

Once the instant pot has relieved all of its pressure it's time to open it up and build the sandwich. This stuff smells amazing!

Our new pup Miss Willow patiently waiting for her taste😂🤣

Now this is where it gets a little weird but delicious so hang with me here. We're going to layer swiss cheese the beef and onion chip dip. It's an amazing combo and really makes the sandwich come out on top.

Stack it all together wrap it up for a ride in a 350° oven for about 15 minutes

And finally it's time to eat! Grab a bowl and Spoon out some of that beef au jus from the instapot. Give it a dunk and enjoy!

Man this thing was massive and it was delicious. Every last bite! Thanks for taking a look!
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Fine looking sandwich Travis. Welcome back

Point for sure
A fine piece of work Travis, and it looks as tho in might actually fit into a unhinged jaw! Don't stay away for so long, you've been missed! Miss Willow is a real cutey! RAY
That's a nice appetizer sandwich to hold one over until the other 2/3 of it is done ;)

looks great! Were you pretty happy with the meat on an hour cook? It doesn't look dried out at all, even though it's fairly lean. but in my instapot if I cooked cubes that long they would be cardboard dry. I gave up on my instapot for beef because I never could get it just right.

I've been known to slop some onion dip onto a hotdog or a sandwich...... glad I'm not the only one.
Awesome looking sammich Travis! And Miss Willow looks like a beautiful little girl... how old is she?
Glad to see you again. I was thinking not long ago about someone putting chip dip on a sandwich but couldn't remember who... think now I know lol!

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