Got the need for some ribs

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Feb 1, 2012
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Was getting some English Muffin Bread out of the freezer a couple days ago and a rack of trimmed SL Style ribs was staring at me.
So what could I do.

Rubbed with S&P yesterday, plastic wrapped, and into fridge overnight.
Put them in the LSG at 8:00am at 160F for and hour and 45 minutes.
Bumped to 280F.
Four hour later checked and only to 150F. ???
Should have gotten a little more curious at at that point but didn't. Normally done in 4 hours.
Bumped to 300F
Checked an hour later and only up to 165F.
Bumped to 320F
An hour later, still only to 180F.
So something was definitely wrong.
Got tired of waiting. Pulled at IT of 185F-190F after 8 hours.
I thought they would be dry as shoe leather, but were pretty good.
Suspect the pan of water helped with that.

I'll start another thread with the Fireboard woes.

St; Louis Ribs (trimmed) 2024-05-05_1.jpg

Ribs Cooked 2024-05-06-2.jpg

Ribs Cooked 2024-05-06_3.jpg
Heck yeah, Bruce. I just bought 3 more racks today, I have no idea why except they were a good deal. Maybe ribs will be on the menu this week...if it stops raining...
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