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Got some nice pear wood and english and black walnut

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by motolife313, May 3, 2019.

  1. motolife313

    motolife313 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Got this pear last weekend and it was in perfect shape besides the nail I got into at the very base. Did hurt the chain that bad. I haven’t sharpend it and I’ve been cutting walnut yesterday and today. It’s not much so I’ll mostly keep it for myself to test out and play with. It’s dense stuff. The home owner chained it up and yanked it out with the caddy lol. Took about 5 good pulls. He had the back tires off the ground. I cut them into 16-18” long rounds. I’m thinking I’ll cut them in half and they will dry in 9 months maybe if they don’t get any water in them. Don’t plan on splitting it either. It will burn nice and slow whole.

    That’s English walnut, the scraps will be going to the cooking wood pile. I got 2 walnut twice last month so I’m stocking back up on that had a few customers buy it to cook with 7A6A2CF0-F7C7-4C50-B932-851ED1CBCE66.jpeg CE3354AE-A3CF-4AEB-97EE-306FB4BE9460.jpeg 7C7D8C91-0788-42A4-A64C-E12E4F7B222C.jpeg B3A4E08C-06F8-4819-ACCD-27895C87EFF3.jpeg
  2. motolife313

    motolife313 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    This black walnut is very heavy and hard to split. Very easy to cut tho. My moisture meter said about 50% water. That sounds about right becuase it’s heavy wet and very light when dry. Harrison ford came over and used his light saber to cut the blank for me so i didn’t turn it all into cooking wood 569BD2CA-E432-41FD-9D14-DCF686071441.jpeg 4BC4085D-F8AA-478D-95AB-4BD0FF818B27.jpeg 2A102CF6-9694-4D8E-AEFB-AA5C56E1974F.jpeg 2A6BA1D0-CF0B-4255-B12C-918E218B583F.jpeg
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  3. That is gorgeous!
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  4. Marian Starks

    Marian Starks Newbie

    Looks beautiful!
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