Got a Packer on update with q-view

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Feb 22, 2010
Spring, Tx
I think pics will say everything today.  Gonna finally try the Hot and Fast brisket method.

250° for the first hour and a half then I am going up to 300°
Had some spare time so built 2 more UDS smokers waiting for the brisket.

5 hours and it is in the ice chest resting planning on slicing at around 5:00 pm.  I have read and read on this and decided it was time to try it once we will see what the results were like.
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OK hands down this was an easy method to follow and the brisket was very good. 

Cell phone pics so a little grainy

Yummy Goodness inside the Foil.


Brisket before slicing


First Slice Great Smoke Ring





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Very Juicy Very Tender Next time I will use a Stronger smoke wood to try to get just a bit more smoke flavor.
After eating dinner I have concluded this was a real good brisket.  Not alot of bark but I think that could be worked out.  I have not given up on low and slow I just think this is another way to cook a brisket when needed.  a 14 pound in 5 hours tender and juicy you won't find me complaining.
Looking good man - I bet that bad boy was mighty tasty too
Nice job Ecto, I'm glad to learn there are other alternatives to low & slow that work. That brisket looked fantastic. I guess I'm kinda old school though. I love the smell of that smoke, so the longer the better, and a few beers to go with the smoke & a couple of buddies to hang with. It doesn't get any better than that. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.