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Jul 31, 2007
There is a lot of positive feedback on the GOSM and that certainly is a positive thing! However, there seems to be quite a few people on here having some trouble with regulating the temperature and faulty temperature guages. When I used my GOSM the first time, the exterior guage maintained around 280 degrees on the lowest temp setting and tank 1/4" turned. I ran on here later and was told to get an interior guage, as the exterior stock one's aren't the greatest.

So I go to the store, buy a double pronged interior guage, and fire the Smoker up Saturday morning. Indeed, my external guage was off by about 40-50 degrees. But now, I have a new problem. My temperature, which I originally thought was too high, is actually too low. I couldn't get the interior above 219 degrees and usually maintained about 212 degrees. The butt took forever and through off my carefully laid plans (perhaps I shouldn't plan so much!!!).

The smoker is underneath an awning, was facing into a light wind, was cranked all the way to "high", and tank opened up wide. I realize I am fairly new to the smoker, but really what else can you do? The flame on "high" wasn't any larger then when it was on "low". Obviously, this could be because of my lack of experience, but turning the know on my tank and then turning the guage from low to high on the smoker shouldn't be too difficult!!! Am I missing something here?
It may be your regulator. If you flame is no different on low than high and your tanks valve is all the way open, I would look into a possible warranty issue. They have been common on the big block regulators. In my 'small block' GOSM, I get about a 50-60*difference from low to medium and it will run at 300* halfway up.

I hope this helps, I'm sure someone who has had the same problem will be here to guide you further soon!
I purchased a GOSM 3405BGW recently and had a similar problem. The lowest temp that I could obtain was 270 degrees. After reading several post on the GOSM and trying to solve the problem, without success , I contacted CFM Home Products, 1-800-944-8982, and after several questions about what I had tried, they advised that the problem would be the regulator. They are sending me one at no cost.
The questions were, had I tried more than one propane tank, who refilled the tank, did I use cold water in the pan, was the smoker under cover, was it new, etc. You might contact CFM also. I hope this helps.
I have not had any problem with my GOSM 3405BGW, but it seems there have been a lot of posts regarding temperature control on GOSM's lately.

Maybe CFM Home Products regulator supplier is having quality issues.
So I do a "dry run" tonight to get better for the weekend. Pretty quickly, I find out what my problem is. Last time I smoked, I wanted to keep the temp down, so I opened up the gas tank only a 1/4" turn from the very beginning. Well, it turns out if I do that, something causes it to restrict gas flow from that point on, regardless if I turn the smoker guages or gas guages. Thus, to fix the problem, I crank it open 4 full turns and it works great.

Now, for a different question. I filled the "stock" chip holder to the top to see what kind of smoke I would get. It wasn't incredibly heavy, but was certainly a bit stronger than the light blue smoke I have read on here. My question is: if I'm using chips, how many handfuls would you put in each time? If I'm using the bigger chunks, how many? Finally, is filling the "stock" chip holder full (not overflowing full, but full) too much? Thanks.

Newbie Steve
First off.. if you still have to control your temps with how many turns you open your tank...ya still have a regulator problem...call them and get a new regulator...How do you have your vents open??? I keep the top vent open all the way to the stop, and the two side vents closed all the way to the stops...
Second...don't use chips...use chunks...should only need, two maybe three chunks at a time...
OK. Don't use chips, use chunks, they last longer and give you good smoke. Don't soak them. 2-3 chunks will fit easily in the wood pan that came with your GOSM and will last a good while. If you want more wood capacity buy a loaf pan (NOT one with non-stick coating). Punch a few holes in the sides. When starting, crank up the fire to get the chunks lit, at first you will get heavy smoke, back the fire down to the point (temp.) you want to smoke at, then it should back off and thin.
You may not see smoke coming out your top vent, but if you can smell it you are getting all the smoke you need.
Your GOSM instruction manual says open the valve on the gas bottle 1 1/2 turns. That is the least it should be open to supply the regulator what it needs. Do not try to use the valve on the gas bottle to control gas flow, that is the regulator's job.
Pay attention to your vent. It should be open a good bit to promote flow through the smoker. Something you have to play with while watching your internal temperature.
Good luck and ENJOY! It ain't rocket science. Good eats though!
I was thinking the same thing, but I was so happy that I actually had good gas flow that it clouded my thinking. I suppose regardless of how far you crank the tank, you should have consistent gas flow and should control it with the smoker settings. I keep the top vent wide open and don't have side vents. I agree about the chips, but I had some Hickory chips left over and since this was a smoke without food, I wanted to use those up. Do you soak the chunks?
Ok, I'm going with the loaf pan idea and the non-wet chunks. Tomorrow will be my 3rd smoke and I've learned things from each one so far. I'm sure the lessons will continue....

Regardless, just sitting outside, throwing a few back while smelling the smoke is a great thing. One more question: if I use the loaf pan, when do you throw on the meat? When you turn the smoker on, before smoking, or right after smoking begins? Plus, how long with loaf pan before smoke starts?
I prefer to start the smoker and bring it up to temperature, then put the meat on. Get the pan loaded with wood and have it in place when you light the smoker, won't be long to smoke, then you will be at temp. and smoking. After you get the meat on and close the door it will recover temp. easily.
Careful opening the door, may be a lot of smoke. And those racks will be HOT. I use a large pair of Channelocks to handle the racks & water pan.
And let you meat sit out to come to room temperature an hour or so before putting it on. Also, fill your water pan with water as hot as you can get it from the tap.
The usual method is to put your meat in after you get your smoker up to temp...the loaf pan will give you smoke a lot earlier than the original cast iron pan...and it will also make the chunks flare up easier than with the cast iron pan..more headaches that ya don't need....Don't get me wrong...the loaf pan works great for getting a quick smoke going for something you don't want to keep in the smoker that long...
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