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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by sqwib, May 11, 2010.

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    Bass Pro

    • Easy Access Door
    • Cool grip wire handles
    • Porcelain coated steel water pan
    • Cast Iron Chip box
    I think the specs of the 3605BGD are wrong I PUT IN RED WHAT I BELIEVE THEM TO BE
    The description of each says “34” or 36” Gas One Door Vertical Smoker”.
    I think these numbers correspond to the box height only.

    It appears the push button ignitions have 3 vents and 4 grates compared to the rotary ignition which have 1 vent and 3 grates.

    The one being sold at Bass Pro shows a closed picture of the 3605BGD (notice the ignition) and an open picture of the 3405BGW.
    Also notice the bottom plate difference of each picture; these are clearly 2 different type smokers.

    Bass pro is also stating that the 3605BGD is 91.3 lbs

    I contacted Bass Pro via Live help, see below.

    Stephen: Hi, my name is Stephen. How may I help you?
    me: I need to know the manufacturers number of your item # 38-688-773-12
    Stephen: This mode number is 3605BGD.
    me: This item has a push button ignition, 4 cooking racks and 3 vents?
    Stephen: Yes, this is correct.
    me: well then one of the pictures on your website is incorrect
    Stephen: Thank you for informing us of this!
    me: no problem, but you are confirming it is the 3605BGD with 3 vents and 4 racks.
    Stephen: That is correct.
    me: Awesome Thanks
    Stephen: Thank you for contacting Bass Pro Shops. Have a great day!
    me: You too!
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    Now you ask for the size of your smoker right???? I have a smaller version of the GOSM and the one in the picture on your profile is a small block gosm. I can tell by the chip tray and rack. The larger big block has a shelf for the chip pan/tray and the water pans also.
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    This is a bit off topic, but I can't believe the prices they charge for those things on the Landmann site.

    The 3405BGW is $336.75 in your pic, $148 with free shipping from wal mart [​IMG]
  4. sqwib

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    Actually I was curious about all of them and why some have 3 vents and others 1 some have 3 cooking grates others 4, some have rotary ignitions others have push button.

    I just ordered the 3605BGD 4 racks, 3 vents, push button ignition, 36" door but was a bit concerned because I ordered it from Bass Pro Shop and their pics show to different smokers for their same order #.
    Note one is a Push Button and the other is a Rotary Ignition, I am praying I get the correct one that is the 3605BGD, because the 3405BGW has 3 racks, 1 vent Rotary ignition and a 34" door.

    TO complicate things even more, all of the Landman smokers have a face plate that extends the full width of the legs, but not the one in the first picture at Bass Pro
    I believe my CURRENT model is the 3405GW.
    Check out their site, compare and tell me what you guys think.

    Bass Pro


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