Goose - With Some Q-View

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Sep 4, 2013
Omaha, Nebraska
Had a friend of my wife ask if I would smoke a goose breast for her.  Turned out it was a whole Canadian goose, around 5 or 6 lbs.  I did it like a turkey.  Brined it for 48 hours.  I went a little longer and diluted the brine just a bit due to timing issues.  I was too busy to do it within 24 hours.  

Preheat the smoker to 225.

Let the goose sit out for about 30 minutes.  Dried it off inside and out with paper towels.

Used Pitmaster Choice from Todd at AMAZEN.

After 5 hours, took it out at 165.  Smoke quit at 4 hours - didn't add enough to the AMNPS.

This thing is FANTASTIC!!!!!   I'd definitely do some more if given the opportunity!  (I tried a piece of the breast and "sampled" the legs, wings and thighs).  She only wanted the breast meat.

Just out of the brine.

Used some Pitmaster Choice from Todd at AMAZEN

Out of the smoker at 165 - I pinned a tear in the breast with toothpicks.

Sliced - might be hard to see, but it's got a good smoke ring.

I've never eaten smoked goose, but you have me interested in trying it now.  That looks really good and the texture looks like it's moist as well.

Other than the brine, did you season it or prep it in any way?

Doubt I can get a fresh goose around here (unless I raise it with the chickens), but I do see frozen birds regularly at the market.

I let it go to the high end of 165.  Thought about going to 167-168, just to make sure it was done.  I've never smoked a goose.

I didn't use any spices.  I used the Maple Sugar Cure brine mix from a local vendor in Omaha at Frisco.  I love the maple cure!  

The final product wasn't dry at all.  What I thought was the smoke ring is probably where the cure penetrated the most.  It was in a slightly diluted brine for 2 days.  Didn't penetrate the entire breast.  The legs, wings and thighs were all pink and VERY tasty.  Whole bird was juicy.

Got a guy here at work who's giving me 3 more.  He does a lot of goose hunting.  I'll post more Q-view when I do this again.
Mfree , your Duck looks good . I'm not much on Duck , but I could be coaxed into a nibble , or 4 .

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