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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinbobo, May 17, 2011.

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    On May 28th we're throwing a 30th birthday party for myself and wife and we'll be roasting a whole pig.  I'm renting the pig roaster and the last time we did this was my fathers retirement party, but wasn't too happy with how it came out, but I wasn't the one doing the cooking that day.  It took like 4-5 hours and came out very tender and was good, but my father didn't put anything on it.  I'm thinking Jeff's rub?  I use his rub on everything I smoke and swab it down with yellow mustard before smoking my pulled pork for example.  Now I know from experience that the mustard taste is gone when smoking, but do I use the mustard and rub the same way when just roasting a pig for 4-5 hours?  Will it be the same concept as the 15 hours I smoke my pulled pork?  Any other advice would be great, this will be my first time attempting this, second time being present.  I'm having about 60 people and certainly do not want to disappoint.  Thanks
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    should add its a big roaster with a lid, with a grate as the cook platform fueled by charcoal.  Someone told me to use the rub on the inside of the pig and baste the outside with pinapple juice and leave the skin on.  Last time i left the skin on and never flipped it or anything.  Any input?
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    Look at cowgirls threads on whole hog or her website.
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    Whole hog can be done several ways, I cook mine on its back(skin down) to help keep the moisture in the meat,

    Not the classic apple in the mouth.

    I also inject heavily, Trim the ribs from the back so they can be removed easily, lots of rub.....etc
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    Looking forward to seeing how you do this one. Don't forget the Q-view.
  6. smokin, how big of a hog are we talking here?  done several of these!!  never with charcoal though.I usually use green hickory!  butter s&p w/ a little cayenne.  ribs down first the key to fall of the bone goodness is to get the bone hot first to cook it inside out! I usually try to flip it half way through, however the last three I have done have been to tender halfway that they are falling apart and I can't flip. still turns out great! looking forward to seeing it and best of luck!
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    My son did a few whole hogs with his 275 gallon hog smoker. He did them belly down.

    They were fine, but it has become our mutual opinion that doing a whole hog seems to be more for aesthetics than anything else.

    We changed to doing as many Fresh Hams (uncured), Briskets, Shoulders, etc as needed instead.

    That way you get all good meat, and none of the "garbage". Plus you can regulate each piece of meat, instead of the whole thing getting the same heat, no matter how thick it is. Plus you can use lower heat than you need to get a whole hog through the Danger Zone.

    The kids love seeing that big old Hog in there though!

    Just my 2 cents.


    BTW: What temp did they use to do a whole hog in 4 or 5 hours?
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  8. Pork butt in 12 hours. Whole hog in 5. Something don't add up.
  9. I think more info is going to be needed, some questions i would have are as follows

    Similar to alelover the time seems way short for a whole hog. Obviously this depends on size but a group that big I would assume 85-100lbs?

    -So the question is how big? I would think it is a minimum 8-10 hrs depending on size, temp, prep etc...

    -Are you able to splay the pig open in the cooker or is it not that big?

    -Have you thought about stuffing it? It adds time but also adds flavor (and a side dish of stuffing. (never done this myself but seen it done)

    -is the pig skinned? if so the use of mop sauce or spray becomes much more important to avoid drying out.

    Skin on not so much but you might want to make some slits to release grease build up (beware of grease fire!) Also if the skin is on best to remove hair as that ruins any chance at cracklin (crispy pork skin...)

    Good luck, don't forget the pictures too!
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    i havent go the final number of people yet so i'm not 100% sure on exactly what size pig yet.  I'm figuring about 1.25 lb per person, so somewhere around 75 lb pig.  It takes less time than a pork butt because at least for me I pull my pulled pork at between 190-205 and cook it at 200 - 250 degrees.  When I make pulled pork I actually smoke it for closer to around 16 hours, but I aim for 200 deg to 220 degrees.  The last time my father did the whole hog, he just cooked it to normal temp for pork, belly down with skin still on, splayed out on the grate.  It's the same roaster I'm getting that he used and it took 5 hours.  I didn't believe it was going to work myself that time and we started it 2 hours earlier than needed and it was done in the 5 hours we were told it would take.  I believe it was a 80lb pig if I'm not mistaken.  I think I'm going to cook it the same exact way except put a rub on it, skin on  and belly down splayed out.  I guess the only question I have really would be if roasting a pig smothered in yellow mustard and the rub applied like I normally do, does the roaster get rid of the mustard taste, and give you that good bark like the smoker does?
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    interesting...mmmmm......well, happy birthday and have a great party!
  12. Hope you have a great party, and holiday weekend. Remember to take pics!
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    Don't forget the Qview!

    Don't tease us this time.


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    Yea gotta have Qview of a shindig like that..Just doing whole hog takes it to a whole different level...
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    The only whole hogs i have done has been 200lbs + or - and on a spit.  Fill the cavity with Vidalia onions, butter, and Caraway seeds, sew shut with aluminum wire...mmm need to do that again one of these days.  Any way I digress.  I doubt if the mustard flavor would be completely gone in 4-5 hours and i doubt if the bark would be very thick but, i think with the amount of mustard you use the flavor will not be that noticable and although it might not be thick there should still be some bark on the swine in that amount of time.  Like I said, I have never done it your way so take it with a grain of (seasoned) salt.  Good luck with the project!
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    Hey BoBo, 

    How'd the Whole Hog turn out Last Saturday???

    [​IMG]    [​IMG]

    We're running out of Popcorn!!!  [​IMG]

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    The whole hog came out great last Saturday.  It took 4 hours at around 275-300  degrees  for a 70lb pig.  I swabbed it down in mustard and then put on Jeff's rub and it was quite succulant!  It supprisingly to me had a decent bark on it, I didn't think such a short time was going to produce a good bark.  The best part was that I left the head and neck section on all night and 5 of us devoured the meat the next morning.  You talk about slow cooked goodness, that was the best.  The coals were actually still a little hot in the morning.  It was a complete success..... I'm sure it not only was because of good pig, but the 1/2 keg kicked and a 5 - 12 pack beer run and people singing around the bonfire till 3 a.m.  It was a blast!   I'll post some pics tonight for sure, been so busy couldn't get them on yet.
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    Sounds Great !

    I never used this one on any other thread, but it's really needed here:


    I'm also out of popcorn!!!


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