Going to get spares and butt, what do I need to know?

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Dec 6, 2010
new to pork smoking.  Was going to get a rack of spares and a butt or two.  Need to know what I need to watch out for regarding the shopping? 

I was going just just add my rub 12 hrs before and wrap, then cook and add my baste every now and then but did not plan to marinade unless that is a huge benny.  I already made a mistake in buying a "corned" brisket by mistake and tasted like crap.  Just do not want to get junk again. 
Viper, when you smoke a "corned " brisket, you get pastrami!  If yours didn't turn out, search "pastrami" to find a better technique.

I usually look for bone-in pork butts, about 7-8 pounds.  I think bone-in has better flavor, and the bone slips right out while pulling.  If you want sliced pork butt, you may want to go boneless.

For spare ribs, I just look for nice, meaty ribs that fit the smoker.  If you're thinking about trimming St. Louis style, maybe get baby backs instead.

Smoked Corned Beef is delicious, but you need to soak it a few days to remove some of the salt.

As far as pork - the most important thing is to make sure you they are NOT enhanced. Some ribs will be enhanced which means they are injected with a solution - stay away from them.

I like bone in butts or shoulders. I rub while I am waiting for the pit to heat up. I used to rub the night or 2 before and I don't really see a difference in the end result. I also like to trim my spares into a St Louis cut - it's easy to do and then I have parts for beans etc.

Good Luck!
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