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  1. Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a pig roast for a 10 year anniversary recomittment ceremony. I've known the bride (hmm... recomitment ceremony... call her re-bride) since 6th grade. In High school she was a cheerleader and would decorate my locker every friday before the game, and give me candy!.

    This was a big pig, 265# live weight and 177# hanging.

    Look at those Hams!

    I got to their house right at midnight and setup in the dark. Took a little nap and started the coals around 2:30, and went back to my nap. Gotta love these phones, you can set them every hour and a half to get up and check your tempatures and coals.

    I used to cook bacon down, but I found putting it up would catch the drippings. After a few hours I wrapped the thinner parts in foil so it wouldn't get over done. While its open I also basted it with the drippings caught in the cavity.

    I let it go for 13 hours and started to pull her apart. I ended up with 3 full deep and 4 full shallow pans. Everyone had plenty to eat, and kept coming back for more.

    She got up infront of everyone and said a little bit about everyone, friend or family, and did a nice job of it. Then they had their ceremony, and the party began.  I sat and watched the kids "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" to the Im sexy and I know it song. Red Solo Cup cleared the dance floor but sure got filled alot.

    I was tired so I loaded up my stuff and said my goodbye's and left a little early.

    If you want to follow all I'm cooking and where I'll be check out Gator's Grill facebook page.   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gators-Grill/416683161717605?ref=hl
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    Looks great!!
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    awesome Gator......................[​IMG]
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    Great job....
  5. Great job

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