Gobble, Gobble, The Turkey Is Here To Model

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Oct 16, 2016
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Happy Thanksgiving to all and their families.

Its been a busy morning, the first turkey on the smoker was for a CO-Worker of my wife. When I did my test turkey 2 weeks ago, they liked it enough and requested me to do one for them.

My wife didn't look like it was a request when she mentioned it, it looked more like a "you will be making them one" kinda look

At 5AM this morning the first bird went on.


I did brine it for 24 hours using "Slaughterhouse Poultry Brine", then rinsed it, injected with "Packers Bird Booster",

then added rub using "Weber Beer Can Chicken"

Stuffed the cavity with 2 oranges, 2 apples, 2 lemons, 2 limes, they were a bit smaller at the grocery so needed 2 of each.

Put it in an uncovered container over night in the fridge to allow skin to dry.

Set temp to 250° on smoker, used a mix of apple and hickory wood.

Just under 4 hours the It was 140°, so I cranked up the heat to 400° on my smoker to get a nice crispy skin.

Pulled it at an IT of 157° knowing the carry over would take it to 165

Heated oven in kitchen to 225, and put our Roasting Pan in it to get it warm.

Once I pulled the turkey I placed it in the warmed pan on its rack, then wrapped the pan in towels, and put it into a large card board box to get on the road.

Took about 20 minutes to get it to the friends home. Pan was still nice and warm, probed one final time and IT was 168 in breast.

Brine, injected, rubbed, stuffed with fruit and skin dried

On the smoker, still dark outside. Good thing I have a nice flashlight

basted it half way through with butter, did not get a shot of that, wanted to get lid closed back up

5 hours cook time.

Sorry no pictures of it cut, or plated. I wanted the family it was cooked for to have the honer of cutting it

I had debated trying to find a small turkey for my wife and I, but the smallest i could find was 10lb. I knew we couldn't eat all that, so I decided to go with a Boneless Breast.

It was 4lb Butterball, boneless turkey breast. It also was skinless, this I did not expect, but I have never cooked one of these so I wasn't sure what to expect.

I did brine it as well for 24hr. "Slaughterhouse Poultry Brine", then rinsed it, injected with small amount of  "Packers Bird Booster",

then added rub using "Weber Beer Can Chicken" I plated it and put it covered in fridge overnight. Being skinless I was worried on not covering it.

Had a few beers setting up new pellets in my AMZNTS, and mounting the second shelf. Jeez, these things just make you thirsty

1130AM and its time to add the next turkey

Prepped and ready for smoker temp set to 225°

Never cooked one, I wanted to ensure it was as moist as it could be, I went ahead and put several slices of bacon on a second shelf above the breast to drip onto it when cooking.

In smoker with bacon over it

Its still going, its at 75° 45 minutes in. Ill update soon with more pics

Thanks for looking, and happy Thanksgiving to all.
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The turkey looks awesome & the breast is coming along nicely!

Good move putting the bacon over it!

I know it's going to turn out great so I'm giving you a point now in case I miss the finish!

Outstanding smoke!  Point! B
Thanks, and thanks for the point
The turkey looks awesome & the breast is coming along nicely!

Good move putting the bacon over it!

I know it's going to turn out great so I'm giving you a point now in case I miss the finish!

Thanks, I was hoping it would work like it did with the brisket when I used the fat, but in this case also adding a bit more flavor, not just moisture.

Thanks for the point.
Its that time!

I am close to going into a turkey educed coma!

I held off long enough to vac seal for a few meals down the road, clean the kitchen, then come here to post the final pics.

I took the bacon used to drip over the breast, and cut it up into small pieces and put it into EVERYTHING!

It was so smoky flavored that I could have ate just it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Got to love that Vacmaster

I sliced into the turkey breast, wow.. it was moist as heck and tender. I didn't even need my dentures to eat

Got the rest sliced up and ready to plate

AND, the money shot

One of these days, I"ll put some vegetables on my plate.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and happy holidays to you and your family.

Thanks for looking!
its really hard to smoke a juicy breast. Looks like you nailed it.
Thank you. My heart fell to my stomach when I probed it in the end to verify the temp. It seemed to insert with more resistance than I thought it would have. I was super happy when I cut into it and my heart returned to my chest

It was after all your topic, fruit stuffing, injection, that I used for most of the cook today

Thanks for the point.
Thank you.
Tasty looking turkey!
Thank you
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