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    So the rig is assembled and will season on Saturday, cook Sunday for the first time.  Have a CharGrill duo with firebox.  It has a grate in the firebox above the charcoal pan.  Wondering if I should put the wood chunks directly on the charcoal or have it elevated on the grate.

    Also, as time goes on, will I need to add more charcoal or rely on the wood for heat?  Just want to be clear.  FYI I am starting small and doing some sausage to start.


    Jeremy Hammond
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    I have a full size Char-Griller that I used occasionally. I found a metal grilling tray at Lowe's with small holes in it for grilling vegetables. I put that on the cast iron rack in the SFB and put my wood chunks on that. It was great for keeping the wood from burning up too fast. As for fuel, just add charcoal as needed. An even better option might be to use the minion method with a charcoal box made out of expanded metal and do away with the rack altogether.
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