German Night= Beef Rouladen, Spaetzle and Apple Strudel

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Jan 27, 2021
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German Night= Smoked Beef Rouladen, Spaetzle and Apple Strudel ( pic heavy )

Well here is tonights supper, wanting to do for a day or so, but a storm blew in.
Started of with a pack of outside round, pounded until wider and longer. Chopped the fixens for the inside. Bacon, onions carrots and pickles
Layer of mustard than bacon and the rest. trussed them up. Put a good sear on all edges and the ends.


10.JPG 11.JPG

Off to the Smoker for an hour with Cherry chunks to get flavour and colour.

In the pan add some veg to deglaze and build for my gravy. Added carrots, onions celery beef stock and 1/8 cup vinegar ( not open a big bottle of red wine for just half a cup) lol
Let that simmer for the hour the Rouladen was in the smoker

12.JPG 13.JPG
Out of smoker and into a dish for the over with the broth

14.JPG 15.JPG
Let that go for 1 1/2 hours at 325 deg.
While meat was in the smoker I started to make the Apple Strudel as it is going into the smoker at approx 350-375 for 55 minutes

I cheated and used a frozen puff pastry, only used 1/2 a block, rolled out to approx 12 x 14 . filled with the apples, flour, sugar, I wanted raisins also.
Filled , rolled up scored the top. egg wash, and off to the smoker

27.JPG 28.JPG 29.JPG


Must not eat ....hard to resist.
Let cool before the icing sugar

Now while that was in the smoker I made the batter for the Spaetzle. ( first time for me with this )

Very simple recipe, mix all together than let stand for 10 minutes. Get the big pot of salted water to a boil
I used a pot strainer to rub the batter through and into the boiling water. Strain out and shake off.

17.JPG 18.JPG 19.JPG 20.JPG

Now the Rouladen is ready to come out of the over . Set on plate to rest while I strain the broth and make the gravy with a little starch to thicken... Oh my this is very tasty
At same time start to fry up a little bacon bits and onions to top the Spaetzle. Remove from pan and add some of the Spaetzle to fry in the bacon grease


So that was it and now the plating. Side of fresh cold sliced cukes with poppy seed dressing



Turned out very nice, hint of smoke and just great little roasts

24.JPG 25.JPG

One more shot of the inside of the one I gobbled up.


This was really good , the Spaetzle was great and for the first time I did ok. Might get a real tool for sqeazing out the batter

I got all these recipes from A lady her site is " Just like Oma " has a lot of great recipes and mostly German based, but also has some easy up to date ways to do them. all english with the German titles and explains lots also. Very helpful info with each recipe.

I almost forgot Dessert, how could I with my sweet tooth

German Apple Strudel




Well folks that is a wrap, I know I am long winded. But I was away for awhile and thought you missed my long posts . lol

Thanks for looking



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Very nice I have not made this meal in a long while. Yours look awesome.

I like to take the spatzel and fry it up in brown butter with some thin red onions and smoked gouda cheese.
Very nice I have not made this meal in a long while. Yours look awesome.

I like to take the spatzel and fry it up in brown butter with some thin red onions and smoked gouda cheese.

Thanks Cliff for the like and the comment
was a great meal Cliff, and first time for the Spaetzle and I fried it in the bacon and onion cook pan also . Than topped with the fried bacon and onions

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Wow gorgeous plate David, a lot of work but worth it in the end.

Point for sure
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Wow David! You knocked it out of the park on this one. I would love to sit down to the table. I will have to check out that site. My sauerbraten is ready to cook now but I may going fishing instead.

Thanks Brian for the love and the comment
It was a very good meal, and fun to build. The Spaetzle was the first time for me to try to make and eat. I really liked it

Would love to see your Sauerbraten

Here is " Oma " Gerhild Fulson 's web site, lots of foods I have never heard of . Give it a look

Anytime, I can than visit Oak Island!

Anytime for sure. Door always open.
And Oak Island.... my god I wish they would find something big.
They have me hook line and sinker, can't stop watching and waiting for the big find, lol

My brother and I were going to do the bus tour of the island last summer. But for some reason they stopped the tours last summer. Will see about this summer.

Have mercy! I'll do the dishes just gimme a plate of that goodness.


Thanks Jim for the like and the comment

Anytime , and I try to do most as I'm cooking . But this cook got away from me and there were lots of dishes this time.

But well worth it , great meal.
Had nice helping tonight, and happy belly again, lol

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Looks great. I have only put dill pickles in the roll ups, will have to try carrots and onions also. Thanks for posting.

Thanks Driver for the comment

The onions and carrots and the mustard and pickle are the German thing.
( I cheated , I used Gerkins as I don't care for dill )
When I have done beef roll ups , I have put lots of different things into it. Mostly I like cheese in them

This time I wanted to make and smoke a German style meal

It was very good

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