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    Been reading these forums a bit as every time you search bacon making it comes up with this great forum first!

    Have done a bit of smoking before and always trying to find the time to do more. I've mainly cold smoked bacon, but also ham and fish. And hot smoked a fair bit of fish. All i home made wood fire smokers. Once we tried the homemade smoked bacon it spoiled us for bought...

    My current smoker is made out of a (well 1.5) 44gal drums. One is extended, has no bottom, a door, a big hole in the back and slots at the top. The fire chamber is the other half of that drum with a large cut away for lighting the fire in and a big hole out the back. The fire chamber lies downhill of the smoker, with a rolled up sheet of corrugated iron as a flu between them. Very crude, very quick to make and cost was $0. I can only cold smoke when daytime temps are 15*C or less, but it works beautifully then. And to hot smoke just light a raging fire in the bottom. The biggest problem is having to check the internal temp and fire every half an hour. Gets kind of old all day... 

    Nothing like as fancy as lot of the nice smokers here but it works for me and I don't have the time to make a comprehensive one at the moment or the money to buy a proper one. 

    I live in rural NSW Australia and like a fairly active/outdoor life, other obsessions (hobby is a dirty word IMO) include old trucks, woodwork, horses, hunting, analogue photography and of course the main one - my wife and kids!
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  2. Hello and welcome from East Texas. It's not the smoker, it's the person doing the smoking, I started out on an ECB, and turned out some mighty fine Q.

    Gary S
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    what more pressure!!! Thanks Gary

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