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  1. smokerjim

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    hi everyone, not sure if this is the place for these questions but here it goes,I planted a peach tree 2 years ago,never sprayed it, last year looked great even got a couple small peaches,this year i think it got the peach leave curl, what's the best spray to use to control this and other pest, also put in a small pear tree and cherry tree, is there one spray that is good for all varieties of trees or do i need different sprays for each tree.I know very little about caring for these trees but i am learning slowly.any help would be appreciated. thanks jim
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    Have you tried your local farm stores for advice ? I spray my fruit trees all the time with the same product but you could not get it in the USA so my advice will not help you sorry.

  3. daveomak

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    You need to check with a reputable spray person..... I used to have peach trees and sprayed them with a copper solution... It is considered organic... Peaches are one of the hardest trees to grow... Seems they need spray every week or 2.... but the fruit is worth the work ..... we had white and yellow peaches and they made the best pies.... but the infestations the trees got, made it a hassle and I gave up.... jerked them out.....

    We buy a box of peaches yearly, from the guy that drives 1500 miles in his pick-up truck, to deliver the best, sweetest peaches for $40..... a good deal as far as I'm concerned.....

    That probably ain't what you want to hear.... Just the way I solved my peach infestation problems......
  4. smokerjim

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    thanks for the responses,I did go to the place where i bought the trees, they were trying to sell me a couple different sprays and they're not so cheap,just thought i try here since there is  so much experience in one place.Dave i think you are right on with just buying them from a grower,,i was talking with a local  farmer the other day and he basically told me the same thing,that he had them years ago but it's to hard to keep them healthy just not worth it.he also got rid of them,.$40 bucks is cheaper then buying all the sprays but i will try to keep it alive another year before i rip it out.thanks again

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