Frozen brisket?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by joep1999, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. joep1999

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    I have a frozen brisket flat about 5lbs, I seasoned it before I froze it. My question is can I just throw it on the smoker Saturday morning? Or should I defrost it? If I can throw it right on.. any tips?
  2. crazymoon

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    J1999,  I would thaw it out before cooking.!
  3. noboundaries

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    You can cook any frozen meat, it just takes twice as long as thawed meat.  Is it recommended?  Not really.  I've done it more times than I care to admit, and IMO it doesn't come out as nice as a thawed piece of meat. 

    If you take it out now and put it in the fridge, it should be closer to being thawed by Saturday.  If you have a microware with a defrost setting, you can use it.  Mine says to input the weight of the meat then hit defrost.  It uses a 30% power setting for defrost.  I usually put in half the weight and hit defrost, then depending how much more thawing it needs, I use the 30% power setting and do a few more minutes at a time until it is thawed.  That way I don't cook the meat with the microware and I truly just thaw it.   
  4. Rings Я Us

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    I would say the outside Will get done and the inside will be still frozen like thawing meat in the microwave.. yucky! Oh.. someone else said that. 🤔
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