Freshly cured lardo

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Jul 29, 2011
St. Petersburg, FL
A week ago I was able to source a Berkshire pork belly. Largest part of it is in wet brine right now for a different project.

I picked few chunks with least amount of meat and dry cured with mix of salt and prague powder using cure calculator.
Result is what you may call lardo. Ukranians call it salo. Very very good with some dark bread and onions plus cold vodka!
And money shot
Well the only part of that that appeals to me is the Vodka. I would definitely have a bite, but it looks like too much fat for my taste. But everybody has their own tastes and if that is your thing, then enjoy! You never know it may be my most favorite food, so if I am ever anywhere where it is being served I definitely will give it a try, with a healthy shot of Vodka!
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I'd sure try it... but I think my cholesterol just went up and I believe one of my arteries is choking now! Lol

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At a restaurant I worked at a long time ago made lardo and they would cure the fat, chill it, grind it, and then whip in a kitchen aid. It smeared like butter and was amazing! I believe they used pure back fat so the end product was pretty white.
I use to ordered nice fatback from Caw Caw farm.
Lardo from good fatback is very different from the belly.
Anyone got online source for good fatback ? Let me know pmease!
I was born in Ukraine and my mother is Ukrainian and my dad is Kazak I can attest to salo. I've eaten it plenty of times and my parents love it! I still haven't tried making it though. We'd typically buy at a European grocery store in the cities
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Looks like the butcher isn't another hog till next wednesday but they will call me. Hard to tell how much they will get...depending on the breed of hog. But they give it to me so only cost would be in shipping. I'll keep ya informed.

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