Fresh Ground WW Jalapeno/Cheese

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Dec 25, 2010
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Mixed this up yesterday night.


My active starter.


All into the mixer except the salt.

Autolyse for 1 hour then add salt 10g, and 10g honey mix and squish into the dough, let rest for 15 mins.

Do stretch/folds or slap folds 4x within 2 hours Let rest 30 mins between.
Roll into a ball and cover for BF overnight.

This morning this is what you should have.

Place on your work surface with some flour and form. I flatten out to add the pepper/cheese.


Form again for the final then cover and bench rest for 30 mins.

After the 30 place in banneton, cover and fridge for 3-20 hours. I'm going to bake around 6p.

55 grams bubbly active starter] (100% hydration)
385 grams warm water (about 85-90 degrees F)
15 grams honey (I went less)
150 grams fresh whole wheat flour
155 grams AP (I use King Arthur)
195 grams Bread flour (I use King Arthur)
9 grams fine sea salt (I went 10g)

Bake at 450* for with lid on your DO for 25 mins. Remove lid reduce oven to 430* and finish for 25 mins or your reach and IT of 205-210, longer if you want darker.

Note: Add some corn meal to the bottom of your DO before you bake.
I bought a mill to make my own flour.

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