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Freezing brisket for event - sliced or whole?


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Its been so long since I posted here I can't remember my old user name and password. So, looks like a new account for me.

Here is my situation - I am cooking for a wedding that will occur in about 30 days. Two Briskets, a turkey and maybe a pork shoulder. Starting my first brisket today since I don't want to be last minute on this. Too much other prep.

I will have an oven for re-heating at the wedding. I don't know what other accommodations I will have.

So, what is the opinion on the best way to handle this meat between now and then? Do I -
- store it whole (although I will be taking off for burnt ends) and freeze that way? Would re-heat whole and slice there.
- let it cool overnight, slice tomorrow and freeze as slices? Concern that during re-heating I will lose moisture.

With either method, my thinking is to put in a food saver. I don't know if the whole brisket will fit.

For reheating am I better off
- trying to reheat in a foil pan in the oven?
- If in food saver bags, is it efficient or feasible to reheat in a hot water bath in a cooler? I will assume that I can thaw this and transport unfrozen.
- does the reheat method change depending on sliced vs whole?
- should I render any trimmings on the next brisket for basting during re-heating?

Does the recommendation change between the brisket and the turkey?


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Personally I would catch the drippings and when done I would slice before freezing then I would put it in an aluminum foil pan and add some of the drippings or a little beef stock before putting foil over the pan sealing it tight and into the oven to reheat


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I would freeze whole or in large sections. then slice after reheated.

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