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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland
i'm sulkin , cos the old forum cut out a few weeks ago ( just got not found screen )and i been waitin and waitin , then just pokin about in google today and stumbled on this one, now i got heaps of readin to do to see what i missed out on .i thought i was going to get an email when the new forum was up, anyway no point cryin, i found it
Glad you found us. Now you know it was meant to be since you found us twice. Glad you made it. Please take a moment and sign in at roll call and introduce yourself. Let us know what kind of smoker you have etc
That's a real bummer man.
Glad you got hooked back in.
G,day cajun
the pigs are all alive and well , mainly cos i have been to lazy to terminate a couple,and because i am still trying to find the materials to build my smoker.
i did try doing some ribs ( very first ) in our old weber kettle last night , had probs with the temp first off i had it way to high 480 , so i had to take out most of the briquettes got it down to 250 which finnished up putting me an hour or more behind time for our evening meal , so we had to whip up some thing else to eat and i finaly got the ribs finnished and wrapped them in foil and put them in the fridge .
Sorry about that Johno.. I did send out an announcement but apparently it never made it to your inbox. Not sure what happened there but I am blaming the SPAM filters

Glad you found us.. again.
Jeff, I never actually got an email letting me know the forum was back up either. I always got emails from the original forums fine and have my filters set fairly low. Would you maybe consider sending us all an email so we can be sure we are getting them from the new set up. Does it come from a different email addy now?
I will send out another email just to make sure that everyone knows the new forum is up and running quite beautifully.

I think we have most of the bugs worked out.. let me know if you are still seeing anything but I figure since the emails have went down from several hundred to just a few that something is getting better

Yes.. the emails should still be addressed from my regular email with my name on it from is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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