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Forney, TX places to buy good meat???

Discussion in 'Texas Members' started by grohl4pres, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. grohl4pres

    grohl4pres Meat Mopper

    Hey guys,

    I just moved to Forney a couple of months ago and I am getting geared up for the Red River Shootout this weekend.  I am looking for a place to buy good briskets.  I would prefer a wagyu.  Please let me know where I can go in the Dallas area to get one without spending my retirement if you know what I mean.  I look forward to meeting some good people here too.  


  2. backwoods bbq

    backwoods bbq Meat Mopper

    the first step to being a Texan is to support the longhorns! Hookem.
  3. grohl4pres

    grohl4pres Meat Mopper

    That is not going to happen ever! BOOMER SOONER!
  4. backwoods bbq

    backwoods bbq Meat Mopper

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  5. Not sure about Forney, but there are several good places in Dallas I have a friend who does competitions and buys his down in Deep Elum

  6. backwoods bbq

    backwoods bbq Meat Mopper

    Im sure you can find a few local meat markets that are legitimate. Oh BTW How about THAT game? lol
  7. You ever find a meat market in Forney ?

  8. shulong6

    shulong6 Newbie

    Looking for a for a good butcher shop name in the Fort Worth area to buy my meat from anyone have some idea just moved from LALA land lol 3 years ago
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  9. A real good place that has been around for a long time the sells meat to a lot of BBQ cook-off guys is Rudolph's in Dallas in Deep Ellum

    You can pull them up and see what you think