For The Enablers: All Homemade Ravioli, Sausage, & Italian Gravy (Heavy Pics)

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It all looks delicious! Looks like you have been doing it for a long time...making the raviolis anyway. It's very true this place teaches us all alot! Your post taught me I haven't ordered my ravioli maker yet!

All I can say is WOW ! POINTS... You are making me hungry brother. That sure looks nice, you done good.
Thanks so much HT. So the enabling continues? I'm enabling you to want to eat I guess :emoji_laughing: Appreciate the kind words sir.

one amazing looking meal!! the homemade ravioli is something on my to do list
Very much appreciate it!! Time to live up to that new OTBS badge and get busy making some :emoji_wink: Once you do, there's no turning back.

Beautiful piece of work Robert, you are now a master ravioli maker! I most often make a large batch of ravs to have enough leftover to freeze some. Right out of the freezer and into a pot of boiling water, just takes a couple of minutes
Thank you for the kind words my friend, as well as all the help and guidance. I do plan on making large batches to freeze but for the first time out, I just wanted to get my feet wet. Make a batch, see how it came out, and learn the tricks. It's not difficult as long as you don't get in a hurry and try to rush things.

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Yeah buddy! You are really giving Ray a run for his money! Nice job!
Thanks Steve but it's highly unlikely that I'll live long enough to catch up with sawhorseray sawhorseray but at least I can continue to learn from him. He's been a great teacher and mentor.

As long as they are enabling you to keep putting out meals like that I dont see a problem. LOL!
So true Jim, so true. I don't know that I'd ever call it a "problem" as far as the food quality goes. Now, paying off the CC debt on the other hand....:emoji_laughing:

Great looking meal Robert. It makes me want to dust off my pasta machine.
Thanks so much Rob and it's great to see you back sir. Haven't seen you around much recently. Yes sir, get the pasta machine out of mothballs and get cranking (pun intended). Seems to be the recent trend here and you'd hate to miss the boat :emoji_wink:

There goes that man again. Absolutely great looking cook !
Thanks Mike but as was noted from the beginning, you have all the folks here in the forum to blame for this one :emoji_laughing: I call it plausible deniability....or blamestorming, whichever you prefer.

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Oh man, thats some stellar stuff right there! Nice job Robert, thanks for posting.

I got a birthday coming soon, think I am going to ask the GF for a pasta maker.....

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5 Star Robert😍 What an incredible meal! All from scratch, screw Michelin star restaurants when you can cook at home like that! You make a great point on this thread though. As much as we have good nature BS about enablers, there is a huge benefit to it with the support network here. That is a crazy awesome meal brought to you by the proud enablers of SMF!
Thanks you very much Jed, and you're 100% correct on all counts. It really hit home with me how much I've learned here in SMF while I was assembling the stuff to put this dinner together. It is truly amazing the vast knowledge that can be found here and readily shared for the benefit of others. One fantastic environment has been created and I'm thrilled to be able to give just a little bit back after all I've gained.

Very nice Robert! I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you have an addiction! I would have had to add some sausage in the pasta too, but I just think meat should be 50% of the plate
I think it would be safe to say that there are several addictions showcased here :emoji_laughing: I'm more of a meat and taters kind of guy but with the richness of the sauce and fillings in the ravioli, the sausage on top was more than plenty. there was also an ulterior motive behind these raviolis which was not mentioned. We have a very good friend that loves Italian food and is a vegetarian. This was done as a trial run to make a dinner for her. I can do the raviolis as I did, serve her with no meat, and add the meat to mine at serving time. This was a twofold meal and it worked well.

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